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  2. Nothing comes out

    That’s great it’s sorted, let us know what the brew is and how does it taste?
  3. Nothing comes out

    Well, I figured it out. I watched the videos once again. Must be my fifth time. I had the poppet in backwards. Corrected that and presto, we have beer. Thanks for your advice.
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  5. Carbonation tabs

    It will certainly improve. If you can (bloody hard to do) hide say 4 bottles and test one at 1mth, then 2 then 3 then the 4th month. This will give you a good insight into how the brew develops and at what age you think is best for storage and drinking.
  6. Carbonation tabs

    Thanks Mark. Yes, the sludge is in the bottom of the droid. I have cleaned it well and sanitized before starting the pineapple ale. I had a sample of my very first brew before bottling and it was not bad, I am hoping after secondary fermentation it will improve.
  7. Carbonation tabs

    The American Pale Ale will appear cloudy but will clear up whilst carbonating. Bit like a Coopers Pale Ale. The “sludge left in the bottom.” I take it is in the droid unit? Yes that is normal, consists of brewing sediments and settled yeast. Needs to be cleaned out. Make sure the inside of your unit is clean, the funnel where the tap and drain bung go are cleaned, then all areas sanitised. Don’t forget to rinse the tap and bung and sanitise both. Have read up on the pineapple a,e, sounds nice.
  8. Carbonation tabs

    I am brewing an American pale ale that came with. I have just bottled it. It looked a little cloudy and there was sludge left in the bottom. Is that normal? i have just started a pineapple ale. Thank you for you advice.
  9. Carbonation tabs

    Hi Kevin, Mark here. It’s one or the other. The tabs work well, never used the primer. When bottling with the tabs you know each bottle is getting the same amount, the primer imo more suited for the kegs. Cheers. What are you brewing?
  10. droid won't connect to wifi

    Here is the manual
  11. droid won't connect to wifi

    No you haven’t wasted your money, these units are brilliant. Have you had a look at the instructions in the user manual? You can down load it. I take it that your brew is just sitting in the unit and not brewing? 1) you can brew without wifi connection. When you turn the unit on it will look for a wifi connection and when found you see two symbols, the wifi one and a globe of the world. If using a phone you need to go into that and acknowledge the Beerdroid. 2) with out wifi when you turn the unit on the Ale mode should flash, if you want that then use the tick button, if you want Custom mode arrow down and tick button that then pout in propagation temp using arrows and then tick and so on. Don’t give up, it will all work out. Let us know how you go. Cheers Mark
  12. droid won't connect to wifi

    Hi, My droid won't connect to the wifi or my app on my phone. I've tried restarting everything and deleting the droid from my app but now I can't reconnect it. When the list of home wifi networks come up when trying to connect it, my network isn't on it, yet when I go into my phones settings I can connect to the home wifi, it's very frustrating. And to make things worst I've got a brew sitting in the droid and I can't find what temps to set into the custom setting to get it started... few problems to work out still and my experience so far hasn't been the most user friendly. At the moment I feel like I've wasted my money.
  13. Carbonation tabs

    Do I use the primer and the carbonation pills when bottling, or is it just one or the other?
  14. Black airline will not connect

    Good in the end. I contacted Brewart and spoke to Liam. There was a mixup with the elbow sent to me. If anyone else has this problem the first thing to check is if your elbow connector says "Air" or "A1. If it says anything else it is for the beer line. Mine said "Beer" which Liam said he has only experienced twice before in two years. Liam sent out an Air connector and it connects. I only got this on Friday and I was away on the weekend so I have not had a chance to test the brew yet, but it does connect and I am feeling a lot better about the product. Kudos for the support from Liam and Brewart.
  15. Nothing comes out

    A bit of bad luck, hope you can go through the carbonation process again, you could contact Brewart Tech support. They are excellent.
  16. Nothing comes out

    Thanks for your replies. I did check for kinks in the lines and did make sure that everything "clicked" into place. Nothing at all has gone into the beer line. I think I messed up somewhere and the kegs aren't carbonated correctly. I watched all the videos again and I"m not sure I did the kegging exactly right. I keep messing with them and start another batch in the meantime and take extra care. Dave
  17. Nothing comes out

    Another thought Dave, did the beer line “click” when attached to the orange port on the keg, in other words did you push it in far/hard enough?
  18. Nothing comes out

    Hi Dave, Mark here. Check that the beer and airlines are not “kinked”. If not, are you happy the kegs are carbonated, that the co2 hasn’t escaped? The beer liners in the kegs appear swollen? Has any beer gone into your beer line thus problem with the tap? Let us know how you go.
  19. Hi Roger, Mark here. As the kegs are coming next week I would add the hops and leave the brew in the keg mode and not the store (down to 4C). This will allow for the hops to enhance the brew, the yeast to clean up and sediment to settle. (Note when brewing a 23l batch in the plastic fermenters, fermentation best left for 14 days so no harm in leaving it in the droid). At the moment the keg mode lasts 2 days and will auto switch to store, you can change it back to the keg mode. If you choose to let it go to the store mode then fine but add the hops now so they get 2 days at keg temperature.
  20. Nothing comes out

    Hello, My first batch just finished its second fermentation stage and I was excited to give it a try. I hooked up the beer line, put it in the BeerFlo, connected up both the beer line and the air line to the keg. Turn the whole thing on and nothing. The BrewFlo turns on to chill it, Sound like it is pressuring.. But I pull the tap and nothing comes out. What did I do wrong? Any suggestions? Thanks, Dave
  21. Hi brewers, I'm in my first batch now brewing an american pale ale, and I just received the notification from my Beerdriod that fermentation is complete. My kegs will arrive next week and I was wondering if I can move to store mode and add the hops extract to the Beerdriod so it can ready by the time the kegs arrive. I'm planning to force carbonate the beer as soon as I get the kegs. Will this ruin the batch? Should I only add the hops before kegging? Your help and advice is much appreciated.
  22. Can I brew with grains?

    I do a similar thing but with a Coopers extract tins as the base. Prepare 22 litres, using LDME put 10l in the droid and 12l in a 15l fermenter. Then use different steeped hops and/or different for dry hopped and perhaps different yeasts. Sometimes in the droid I’ll use brewprint ingredients as to hops and yeast. Two different brews from the one tin and as you said you can easily experiment. (I keg into ball lock 12l and 9.5/10 litre kegs). cheers Mark
  23. Can I brew with grains?

    Hi Mike, I brew with All-Grain wort most of the time. I use the Droid now primarily for recipe testing. I've been brewing up 20L of base wort using a neutral bittering hop. I then split the batches into 2 10L batches. 1 goes into the droid the other into a 10L keg until the first batch is fermented. I then test out different Flavour/Aroma hop combinations and yeasts. It works a treat. Kind Regards
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  25. Where are the instructions

    Great stuff, you’ll really be impressed with the unit. Any problems happy to help.
  26. Where are the instructions

    Thank you for the link/info Mark. I got the brew started last night (finally) and ordered two more.
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