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  2. His review really tells you nothing other than easy to drink, recommend leaving in secondary for 4 weeks and will brew again.
  3. Yeah, I was surprised by it. The write up on the Brewart page had a guy talking it up after 3 weeks, which I think was a bit extreme...or maybe a good example of Chiller Lager but it has a bit going for it for sure
  4. I’ll be interested with this one. This could work out well as have it sitting in a ss 12l keg that I use for holding/maturing so will leave for a couple of months.
  5. LOL. It is a real love/hate thing with this beer. When I first drunk it, i thought "too malty" and then thought it was" ok " and now I am really liking what it brings. It isn't a conventional lager as it has the strong malt, maybe a craft lager/Pale Lager sort of taste but it has improved each week ( as i am a lager drinker, I would almost say this is a winter lager, if you get my drift, not crisp, a bit heavier than a normal, run of the mill lager). As I bottled this whole droid, I'd recommend giving it a few weeks to get a good idea, although if you force carb...you're on your own. Next time I brew this, I'm probably looking at 4-5 months secondary so it should be the stuff
  6. Th be honest besides the huge expense, I generally find pub beers on tap hard to drink. Usually I’ll buy a stubbie of Coopers Pale Ale or try some exotic craft crap so I can brag about my own a bit more. SA’s West End Draught on tap (or in the can/bottle) isn’t fit to be called a beer, it even smells like crap.
  7. Haven’t done this yet in the droid although I kegged a 12l clone on the 5th of this month (in 15l plastic fermenter) without brewart ingredients other than the yeast. Sometimes I do this to get and idea and if enjoyed will do in the droid. Information about brews from people like yourself are of great value. (and you have someone to blame if crap🤗
  8. Yeah, I haven't regretted purchasing Brewart...or the second droid. I'm not sure if you have had the pleasure of drinking an "Iron Jack" but they are selling it at 40-50 bucks a carton. ( I bought a $4 pint when I took my kids to a pub that has a playground...say no more...whilst the wife was up marking yr 12 exams...and it was a disgrace...and they sell pallets of the stuff.) All of the 17 dollar beers dance all over the top of standard beers, let alone Iron Jack, it has made the purchase of the 2 droids, all worthwhile. I have found I have to go to more pricey beers to get the same quality and taste
  9. You can say that again. Correct again with the $17 beers. I find all the recipes end up being a reasonable price for the quality.
  10. Found a sneaky bottle of this lumped in with the US Chiller box*, probably 12 weeks secondary. Tasting notes : ryhmes with "bucking filliant". Summer on the porch, this on tap, some crackers and a few cheeses...wouldn't get any better unless your parents in law turned up and said "can we take the kids for the weekend?" * Always stick a bottle of beer into another box to give yourself a chance to see what it is like a few weeks down the track
  11. Can't remember exactly what the taste of beer was like for English draught...it was a blur, a real blur last time. Given that, I find it easier to compare it against an Australian draught, like Carlton...and when you do that, well it is English Pub first and daylight making up the next four places
  12. And this is another of the $17 beers, with US Chiller and Pale Ale and a few others that just bat very well
  13. Thanks Rob. It’s on my list to do again.
  14. As this is a Chiller lager, I can only compare it to beers like Carlton Cold, dry...and all the other drys. In that regard, this beer has them covered, it has that thing called...flavour. It improves with age, 7 weeks in and I crack some bottles midweek to see with this and it gets better. Starts off a bit malty at 3-4 weeks but softens as it matures, not the worlds best beer but for $17 for 10 litres it is worth the effort. Given beers like Iron Jack and Steersman are in the market against this, it is a no brainer. 3.5- 4 stars
  15. Yeah, didn't mind this one at all. Have brewed this a few times and been happy with the results each time
  16. Last week
  17. Thanks for response David, didn’t consider voltage etc. With a converter and freight and the risk of “rough” handling doesn’t make it worthwhile. As said, great offer and I’m sure will be snapped up. Thanks again Mark.
  18. Unfortunately, this is the North American version of the BrewFlo and requires 120V AC (see attached rating label). You'd need a beefy voltage converter and even then it's no telling how the compressors will fare over the long run. I did go ahead and estimate freight charges alone: roughly US$210.
  19. Yes, for a tasty hop flavour. As the dry hop part is only for 2 days I find it is not over powering.
  20. Is it feasible to ship to Australia? If so for postage costs I’m at Noarlunga Downs, South Australia post code 5168. Great offer by the way. Cheers Mark
  21. This is another top drop. Kegged on 16/6/19 so well settled. The recipes and performance of the Beerdroid are excellent. This is a sweet malty Pale Ale with a dry finish rather than bitter.There is a hint of “toffee” as the promo states. Enjoyable brew again drink.
  22. Hi all, I was an early Kickstarter for the BrewArt complete system. I really like the BeerDroid, and will be keeping it to ferment wort from my new Pico Z. However, I have not had very good luck with the BrewFlo. I've lost approx 40% of my kegged beer due to various problems with the keg hardware and liners, (both original and new "spear" versions). As far as I can tell, I've not had the same problem more than once, but there are a lot of failure modes and all it takes is one.... I'm going back to other methods of storage/dispensing. On the bright side, I've not had any problems with the BrewFlo unit itself: it keeps beer cold, correctly senses remaining beer level, and has no air compressor leaks. I had one keg early on that decided to empty itself gradually into the keg chamber of the BrewFlo. I poured that out, cleaned as best as I could and sanitized with H2O2. Didn't notice any operational problems with subsequent kegs. Anyways, I'm hoping someone out there is interested in tackling the BrewFlo and maybe is a bit luckier or more skilled with the keg hardware assembly. On offer: 1 BrewFlo unit (US/Canada) including tap handle and drip tray 2 Complete (opened but never unpacked) Kegging Packs (these are the new style with spears and matching liners) You will pay for packing costs and actual shipping charges. I think that's going to be around $50-60 but not 100% sure until I get it boxed up at the UPS Store. (I no longer have original packaging.) Any takers?
  23. I use a wooden door wedge and put it under the back of the droid so it tilts forward. Then I wipe down the sides, rinse and let about 1/2 litre of clean water sit in the bottom for about 15mins to loosen the sediment. With a bucket underneath I remove the tap and bung, drain out the sediment using more fresh water.( refer thread on “Cleaning Tips for Beerdroid”) When done, check the inside and wipe clean with a dry clean Chux wipe (up the tap spout as well). Lid is cleaned and dried. I then spray the lid (ensuring the seal is done) and inside of the unit with Star San non rinse sanitiser. The tap and bung have been cleaned and sanitised. Replace and away we go. It’s a thorough job, worth while and doesn’t take long. Ps. When I got the unit it had the troublesome red bung tap, emailed and was sent a new version within days. Great service
  24. Yeah, I'll use sodium percarbonate, 2.5 tablespoons per droid, give it an hour and then drain, obviously after rinsing out droid, then I'll give it a quick spray down with sanitise and away I go. Brew shop guy says it is overkill and a rinse then spray will do but he did say "best over sanitise then under". I used to just rinse then spray and to be honest, had no issues but I am stuck in the habit I am now for cleaning the droid. As you have said, key is to flush out tap and clean out bung Would ask Liam for the new bungs if you haven't one, goes alright
  25. Hi Damian, appreciate this is an old post however I’m interested in that you used 11 litres in the Beerdroid rather than the 10. Can you recall if you had any problems with this like overflow of the krausen? Have you done many more brews at 11 litres? Thanks Mark
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