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  2. If the app isn't showing in a search for it, then it might be that is wasn't earmarked for that app store. As a developer you have to nominate which app stores your app will appear in. If this is the case, to resolve it try changing the default app store to the Aus app store, download and install the app, then change back to your actual default store. The only caveat is doing this can screw with any subscriptions you might have like books and magazines because they're regional too, so you may need to re-download some if they've detected the store region change, but that's unlikely. All of this is because in 1450 a donkey couldn't carry enough books - true story, haha. Cheers.
  3. I like how they were able to keep it within a fairly close tolerance of the actual history. It was very well done.
  4. Scrap that, I just checked Coles online ... by the packaging it looks like Grand Italian brand. Cheers.
  5. It does look good. I'm a sucker for gnocchi. The store bought gnocchi, is it on the chewy side or tender? 10 years ago when I was still in Aus I used to buy the fresh gnocchi (if I recall the brand was something like Latina?), it was good but just a fraction on the chewy side. I haven't seen that packet you've got so if it's tender I'll try it when I get back. What brand is it?
  6. Yesterday
  7. And again the captain sets the record straight. Correct 3/8. Thank you :-!
  8. Long weekend, good enough excuse to drink on a Sunday. So in my town, we no longer have railway service so after years of the old railway station falling into disrepair and looking, well crap, they decided to make it an open space parkland. Probably spent 5 million getting this done and boy, did people complain about the money spent but before they did it, the place was a bitumised wasteland that looked like a place you would get robbed in. Now, it is mad into an open space with a nature playground (that I just don't get but kids love it so that is all that matters) and a few free BBQ areas. So, had planned to take the family there this arvo for a BBQ and thought " can I have a few brews there or is the area dry?"...luckily, I thought this at about 4.45pm on Friday so I rang the council and they gave me two thumbs up to drink and BBQ...and I did. Just saying, my last stubbie of Belgian lager was brilliant. So, this is the place anyways, give in mind that it is about a kilometre long and about 200 metres wide
  9. The droid panel did progress through the beer schedule, but the phone app never changed. After the brew fully finished, the uncarbonated pale ale tasted just like the profile: “layers of hops and assertive bitterness,” plus “ hints of citrus”. I opted to bottle this batch instead of force carbonating. I’ll reconnect my droid tomorrow and start the next brew. Cheers!
  10. Nothing like a “Steam” another bloody top drop you just have to add to the brew list when you can. (Piss Had Sunday is all go with this one , ha).
  11. Yes the noise stops when the lid is open. turns out the air line is not connected in the back behind the little black thing.
  12. Glad you got the order right, “drinking cooking and...” (I’m too tired)
  13. Still happy to report we did miss finals. Hopefully nobody protests any results and I can get onto other pursuits, drinking cooking and...
  14. “3/4” ID” to save confusion you meant 3/8” ID.😊
  15. It’s 12mm Also 1/2” OD and 3/4” ID should work if using imperial
  16. Last week
  17. “Rob, wake up. It’s you turn to bowl”
  18. Sorry, forgot to thank. Updated has been done.
  19. Hope this helps https://brewart.com/101/wp-content/uploads/17493BrewArtBrewFloInstructionManualAU_v1.1_2LR.pdf https://brewart.com/101/wp-content/uploads/BrewArt-BeerDroid-Instruction-Manual-AU-.pdf
  20. Not a silly question.... The flow will not carbonate the beer, all it does is squeeze the keg liner and push the beer out. Beer carbonation is done by 'priming' the keg with a little sugar when you put the beer in from your fermenter. This then does a short period of secondary fermentation, generating the CO2 and pressure to carbonate the keg. If the flow air pump is definately running all the time, even with the elbow removed, it doesnt sound good. Make sure the big black fitting where the short hose goes though the back wall of the flow is tight, other than that you will need to speek to the Brewart tech support team. My turn for a silly question... It is DEFINATELY the air compressor that is running, and not the cooling compressor that you are hearing?? that can be noisy too! easy way to tell the difference is that the cooling compressor runs whenever it needs to reduce the temperature, where as the air compressor will ONLY run with the lid closed - so does your noise stop when you open the lid??
  21. I have tried this approach but the compressor just keeps running. Wondering if there is any way to check/replace the air line or even the compressor. stupid question too, am I right in saying you put uncarbonated into the keg? Or do you need to carbonate as per usual. as I said, I got it second hand and just flying blind trying to get it working
  22. Welcome to the forum Tim, Martin has it covered for you.
  23. Haven’t brewed for a while, dry hopped today at 6days with 25g Hallertau and 1 x H5 (hersbrucker) sachet.
  24. Hi, A new, fully carbonated keg only takes a couple seconds, if needing any at all. As you get down and have more air / less beer it can take a while. 30 second to a minute at a guess if you have no pressure to start with. If it's taking too long, it eventually stops anyway with an error message on the display. If this happens you either have a dead flow, or an air leak somewhere. To test the flow, simply take the black elbow out of the short airline inside the flow and shut the lid. Mine runs for less than 2 seconds and stops. This is what you would expect.
  25. Hey all, just got a second hand brewflo and wondering how long it should take to pressurise?
  26. Just looked at the bowling figures, in fact 4-38, pretty happy with that
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