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  2. At almost 10 weeks the second keg is even better than the first. Worth brewing if you're the patient type.
  3. Good to know. Thanks Martin.
  4. Hi, I leave it connected all the time. Often a few days between beers if I'm being good on weeknights 😊 Bear in mind that the tap isn't cooled, so you will have to pour 1/4 glass away as it will be unrefrigerated and probably a bit rancid. I tend to close my eyes and scull it, and follow it with a decent glass asap!!! Main thing is that it definitely doesn't cause the keg to spoil if you leave it connected. Cheers, M.
  5. Think I will do that Dustin. Just remove back to the fridge. Beer lines are relatively cheap. I only keg half and bottle half .
  6. I'm not sure. Anyone else here wish to comment on this? In fact I've been wondering how long it's ok to leave the Brewflo on for? I've had it on for a couple of days and then put the keg back in the fridge and given it a break for a while.
  7. Thanks Dustin, so as long as I keep the Brewflo on it can stay in there indefinitely? Several weeks etc
  8. I wouldn't do this. Leaving a used beer line in the Flo with it switched off is inviting bacteria to enjoy the leftover beer in the line and it could contaminate your tap assembly, your keg cap and even the beer in the keg. If the Flo is on and cold then in my opinion there's no issue leaving the line in and connected as per the recommendations from Brewart. It is ok to swap the same line between kegs during a single session too. If you're short of a few lines then the safest thing to do would be to disconnect it, clean and rinse well in clean water or better still a Droid Cleanse tab or sodium percarbonate solution, spray some no rinse sanitiser all over it and through the line before placing in a clean ziplock bag and into the fridge for storage until next use. You will of course get the very best results with a brand new line.
  9. Your so right, enjoy now with the brew on 6 weeks kegged. A top drop, a real favourite PA and the Amarillo hops just stand out, as you say and so nicely.
  10. Hi guys With the beer line , how long can I keep it connected to a keg , when not being used? Example put keg in allow to cool, start drinking beers Friday and Saturday. Kegs still half full , turn it off Sunday, turn it back on the following Thursday night start drinking again, Friday . Is that ok as long as the beer line isn't disconnected. Also do you need to change beer lines when you change kegs even if it is the same batch of beer. Thanks
  11. Here's my brew water method for anyone that is interested. $5 food grade jerrycan from Bunnings and Brita filter jug. I'm currently living in Brisbane so filter my drinking and coffee machine water anyway but the cartridges are regularly on special at Woolies or Aldi in a 3 pack. They are good for about 3 months and work out to be around $6 each. I clean, rinse and then sanitise the jerrycan using sodium percabonate and Stellarsan then fill it over the course of a day or so before starting the new brew. As my Droid doesn't live in the kitchen nor near a tap, the jerrycan is handy for carting the water over to it and makes filling easy. I prefer the reusable jerrycan to buying the 10L "spring" water (it's not spring water ...) and hoping that it is recycled properly by the council.
  12. If it’s one or the other, kegs come first.
  13. A cheap one came up second hand up this way just last week. The temptation was real. I resisted. Glad I did now as otherwise I couldn't have justified purchasing more kegs this week on the special offer. Phew!
  14. Good to hear Damian. The filter certainly works and works really well. I also tested it with 150 grams of hops without issue. The cold crash is the key to settling the bulk of the debris and I can confirm that the updated firmware (P017) works as intended and moves the brew through each of the stages with the correct timings and notifications. After watching this brew go through the program the only suggestion I have is that there should be a push notification for the cold crash or "Clearing Hops" stage just for consistency. I will raise this as a feature upgrade/suggestion. I have the Jolly Roger Pale Ale on now and it should be finished later today. 10 days all up including 2 for dry hopping and 2 for the cold crash.
  15. Haven’t brew this one for a while now, in the Droid as we speak. So hard to keep up with brewing the favourites/new releases. No! I’m not getting a fourth droid! (but what if a new one comes on the market cheap? or a used one as a backup/catch-up unit? mmmmm)
  16. Yesterday
  17. Did well to get them to last another couple of months lol
  18. Unfortunately equating to $5 a 375ml is fairly reasonable compared to most cafes/restaurants etc. On a real bright side your 26 equivalent cans from 10 litres is worth $130. Not many slabs at that price.
  19. For my kegs that have leaked, it does not appear to be coming from between the thread and cap as that area is completely dry. I suspect that the liner is either split somewhere or has a small hole in it. It is hard to tell exactly where the beer came from. Also, these kegs are not filled any more than any of my other kegs. These liners are all from my last order back in July. I got 5 packs of liners and have 4 remaining. I have sent emails to BrewArt here in the US and also forwarded a copy to Liam.
  20. That is the hassle, isn't it? I was asked to name my top 5 before and i couldn't even get Belgian Lager in there, Brewart is just ridiculous sometimes
  21. Another one of these started tonight, will be going the 30gms dry hopped again. Do get a bit miffed when a local cafe that brews its own beer, sells it's pale that tastes pretty similar for a tenner a longneck
  22. 3 weeks in...pretty much my fav brew in the range, probably needs a week or two but just damn, a delicious brew
  23. Haven’t brewed this for a while, must put on the list. My ratings were very favourable on the 3 batches already done and happily consumed. Not in my top 10 but well with only a top ten, can’t have them all.
  24. I am the only one drinking beer in my house and I grabbed a second droid just to make sure I could increase output when needed. You so need a second droid it is not funny...it's what tax returns are for...
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