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  2. Now, I have plastic fantastic and a lot of 750 mi. swing tops and an assortment of Grolsch bottles but I notice that an unnamed forum member seems to have Crown seal bottles in his Mark. So, what is the benefit of Crown seal? I'm asking because I might have to come up with an idea for an Xmas present
  3. Bugger, last glass from the keg but yeah it has matured
  4. I think dry and pouches is a lot different ( even though I haven't dry hopped ). I can only state from doing a hop tea, the difference is big and from other people I have talked too, they have all said to dry hop like you do. When I used to follow the advice of pouches at storage and wait four days, the beer was missing that...certain something and when I did it a day before bottling/kegging, I could taste what was missing. Next step is dry hopping...
  5. Would agree, strong brews need time to mature, settle and smooth out.
  6. Yeah, like this one but I'm a Czech beer fan. Probably told this story but back in the day, there was a flood in Prauge and the first thing that got moved to higher ground was the kegs. I mean, they'd take International medical help and International clean up help but no way were they drinking German beer. Says a lot about your product when the German beer is just not acceptable
  7. Good to know about filling the bottles. Do you think the liquid hops dissipate or not “evenly spread” thought out the brew so hop strength varies in intensity from bottle to bottle. With dry hopping of pellets depending upon what I’m brewing I often have them in the brew for 3days prior to kegging.
  8. OK, 15 weeks into this one, still sneaking some pints out of the keg ( obviously will have a few tomorrow) and this is coming into a really nice beer. If I was to brew this again, I'd leave it for 6 months or maybe drop an X5 out of it...and leave it for 6 months. This was a shocker early on but it seems to have come into it's own, would be great around a bonfire late Autumn
  9. all good. Honestly, it is pretty hard to bugger up a brew in the droid, just sanitise the droid after cleaning and it is sweeeet
  10. OK, don't need the kit, I have it, it is nice, works a treat but I just fill from the tap. It isn't that much of a difference that I bother with the connector. If you want to wait, by all means do. To the side question, I have found with the hops pouches, you get a more pronounced hops flavour with 24 hours and it dissipates the longer it is in the droid. Pouches are different than dry hopping, which you would put in earlier (ask Mark, he dry hops, I won't pretend to know)
  11. OK - Hops are in! Some quick snaps attached too - Thoughts from you more experienced brewers? Does it look ok?
  12. It’s frustrating waiting on needed goods to arrive and Aust Post are not that expedient in my experiences. 1) I wouldn’t fill directly from the tap, can be messy, foam etc. but if bottle on an angle it may work. 2) if you wait then fine, droid goes into storage mode after 2 days but you can change it back to keg. 3) you could do the tap on and off filling if you have suitable tubing that will fit into the tap spigot or a tube that fits firmly over the top of it. 4) if you are near a brew shop you could get one of the normal fermenter bottle filling tubes as I believe they will fit up the spout. 5) don’t forget to sanitise any tubing, filling device. 6) I’d lift the lid carefully, and put your hop liquid in now, I believe it is better than just putting in prior to bottling as it has time to “infuse” with the brew. Hope this helps, Mark
  13. READY TO KEG! (Bottle) ---------- Got the update last night - woohoo! Haven't opened the lid yet (to take a quick squiz & add liquid hops) as I am waiting for my bottling valve / kit from Brewart (Shipped 11/11; still waiting 😢 possibly due to the NSW fires?). Delivery date was Wed 20/11 but has been revised to Thu 21/11 but no guarantee it will come then either. [EDIT - not complaining; bushfires are a much bigger issue than me having a parcel delayed] I still have about 36 brand new 750ml glass swing top bottles so no shortage of bottles; was just holding out for the kit as the online videos made the process with it look easy using the connector. Figuring out my next options and thought I'd run it past you gents... do I: a) Stuff the bottling connector kit and just fill the bottles directly (tap on/off); or b) Wait until Thursday (day 3 of ready to keg) in case the kit arrives and use the bottling connector; or c) Stop being so damn impatient and wait until the bottling kit arrives... even if it means the droid goes to storage mode and has to revert back to keg mode before commencing (i.e. 3-4 days in the droid post fermentation). Side question... any difference adding the liquid hops 24 or 48 hours before bottling? Online video said 24hrs but curious if anyone here has done different... TIA!
  14. M y Brewprint Steam Ale, Irish Red Ale and a Winter Dark Ale from a tin of Mr Beer have been the winners so far from the droid. The Aztec Cerveza was ok but nothing to write home about.
  15. Great, no issues then. No wonder we both like it, our photo’s look as if they were both poured from the same batch 🍻😋
  16. Hi Mark, Yes fermentation was detected (a bit early if anything) and the smell on day 3 is just lovely....
  17. Will be ok, did you get the message that fermentation had been detected?
  18. Yes it is on my list to do again. I have a coopers dark ale fermenting at the moment. Hopefully it will be ok as I added one of the malt packets prior to the yeast....
  19. Yesterday
  20. Keg this today (19/11/19) and have now put down a Cog Work IPA clone 1/2 tin Thomas Cooper Bootmaker PA 250g LDME 250g dry amber malt Steep 20min (just boiled water) 100g cracked crystal malt and 12.5g Amarillo hop pellets Y1 yeast after 6 days will dry hop 12.5g of citra and same of centennial hop pellets. Should turn out well, hope so👍
  21. May have slightly exaggerated the price; was $103.95 but forgot it cost me about $22 to ship so let's say $126 all up. Temperature is digitally set between 8 and 18 degrees I believe. https://market.myer.com.au/a/camping-fridges/devanti/vic/brooklyn/devanti-wine-cooler-25l-8-bottles-thermoelectric-fridge-uv-resistant-glass-door/100810485?gclid=Cj0KCQiAn8nuBRCzARIsAJcdIfM1UGq553-it7d0eVp_1lG3T32yB-cpgOa7mpneCyzPK_Wt0-wT65gaAgcTEALw_wcB Can hold up to 8 bottles on their side; but I intend to pull out the racks and have them standing upright. Using 750ml bottles so hoping I'll get at least 6-8 in there but would be happy with 4. Mindset being if it works a treat Ill just buy a couple more as price-wise works out similar if you buy the larger size or just operate two small ones. Will keep you updated on my progress of course .
  22. That wine fridge for a $100 seems a good buy. How many bottles can you fit and how low will the temperature go?
  23. Cheers gents - hearing you loud and clear that patience will be key here. My plan was to have a sample at the keg/bottling stage (assuming it will taste like flat or low carbonated beer, almost Kombucha like? Just am assumption!) then store it in a dark cupboard or equiv for min 4 weeks, ideally longer. Will continue drinking my Colonial South West Sours and Porters in the meantime 😎 Have come to realise I need to be more concerned about maintaining 18 degrees as opposed to worrying about heatwaves so might wrap in a towel or blanket. I've ordered a devanti thermoelectric wine fridge for $100 that lets me set a fixed temp up to 18 degrees so was going to put a couple of Ale bottles in there to see how they compare to the cupboard bottles. Probably OTT but for the price was willing to experiment. Any other tips, as always, are greatly appreciated!
  24. Brewing this again, it was so nice. (in the Droid 18/11/19)
  25. Last week
  26. Love these beer glass, 750ml, great when outside. And no they are not wine glasses.
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