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  2. Man and his wife getting dressed to go out to a diner party The wife asks the question we all fear "Does my bum look big in this"* The husband says "If I say something, do you promise not to hold it against me and bring it up every time we have an argument"? The wife says "Yeah, Ok, I promise" and the Husband says "I shagged your sister" *Now, for those thinking this is a death question with no right answer...there is. If a woman asks you whether her butt looks big in the skirt, jeans, six man tent she has put on, she knows already, her butt looks big in it, but it isn't her butts fault, it's the skirt, dress, jeans, dome tent... So, say this, either one or two things> If you truly believe it isn't making her butt look big...tell her, be honest and FFS don't have a smirk. If it does though, say this "That skirt/jeans etc...does not flatter you". Keep it simple, it does not flatter her...then it is the jeans/skirts fault. I mean, as a man it is the difference in how you look in a $159 suit off the rack, compared to a tailor made $600 suit. One makes you look like you are going to court, one makes you look like you are going to court, to defend a high profile client
  3. I did like the "He has a few scotches and didn't realise how strong they were" Mate, he was in his undies, staggering the street at dawn...and he is what, 29...not realising how strong the alcohol is excuse, becomes void at 21
  4. Good one for Eddie, and he’s not raving now after a few of his boys have got into trouble
  5. We were invited to join "their " competition, which they renamed. It is still their competition based on the "50 year deal" for the GF which was worked out with the CEO of just one club at the table ( no prizes for guessing that he really is everywhere)
  6. 7 weeks in now, lost a touch of the bitterness that it had early, so my belief is this is best drunk between 4-6 weeks. In saying that though, still a cracking beer
  7. Can someone explain:- Port Power claims it was established in 1870 however AFL doesn’t recognise this as they have recorded only the one Premiership to the Power and not all those since 1870. Interesting as all the Victorian AFL Clubs have their VFL records included in the AFL stats etc. I think the reality is the Vic AFL Clubs should not claim their VFL records as that was the Victorian Football League and not AFL. But let’s face it it’s really not the AFL but VFL with “invited guests”
  8. The maturing kegs (as I call them) are kegs that don’t fit my fridge, 2 are barrel shape with too large a diameter and the 2 other are just too tall. The ball lock connections are all the same. They work well and stop me from drinking the brews to soon, ha.
  9. Is there any functional difference between your two keg types or is it just how you designate them?
  10. Yesterday
  11. Kegged today into a maturing keg and will leave for about 6 weeks then transfer to consuming keg which in the keg cycle will be at about 10 weeks+ when first pint poured.
  12. Sounds like it has turned out ok, the Magnum hops do have some similarities and are good for bitterness. Your choice I’d say is acceptable for this brew. Will await tasting and comparison report. Cheers
  13. He is. It was his criticism at the Crows that he wouldn't get fit enough, wouldn't take rehab seriously and then when we came knocking for Gibbs, SOS said how much he thought Gov was worth and his agent said "how much". On the positive, I think this is the last year you guys are paying him a little north of 900k
  14. Bitter is good for a chook clone . Will have to give it a go next month. How close do you reckon it got to export ? Or just a good lager/bitter clone ?
  15. @Barrelboy @Paul84 I’m new at the whole beer appreciation thing but this is ummm delightfully bitter but fresh at the same time and smells fkn lubbly. Good call @Barrelboy I used magnum hops as they didn’t have pride of Ringwood but they are supposed to be equivalent? Any how got a mate coming round so the 10l will be gone tonight 😂
  16. Last week
  17. And a St Kilda defender kicking 2 goals mmmm. The way things are going with tha Crows you might jet Gibbs back😂😂
  18. Vigorous fermentation on day 2 but I was ready with the catch and clean. It's settled down nicely today.
  19. Well prepared, the 3 hop choices will work well together.
  20. Looks good Bert. What’s brewing now?
  21. Hello all, Altered the Pineapple crush a bit. E5 x 2, X1 x 2, X2 x 1, H6 x 2. Mango juice and SAFALE S-04 yeast. Dry hopping with Citra and Amarillo at 48 hours. And two H6’s at EOF. Brewing for one day but ready for leakage 🤪 ~Alan
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