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  2. Nah, that much foam is a killer in a keg sadly. It may have been something I wanted to salvage if it tasted OK but I sampled off both keg varieties and they are not worth the hassle of trying to save, if they were I would have gotten them down to three degrees, switched off the flo and poured a couple of pints to get it OK but even when I was doing that with other over carbonated brews, it was pouring 50/50, this was just ice cream. Anyways, the great can experiment is almost done, just the bottles I did last week now and they can sit
  3. Oh hum, thought there might be some offer on for Australia Day? Not too late for January specials.
  4. The keg seems to be over carbonated. Is there a way to release any of the pressure? When over carbonation happens with a ss keg, you release the pressure via the pressure release valve, wait about an hour, test pour, still frothy, release again, test etc until the pour is good. That way not much beer is wasted and you end up with good beer.
  5. Ha, have had the Crown lager in the Brewflo and it pours foam. Had a feeling this may happen because the pour from the bottles were a strong, lasting head but an awful taste, going to let this settle have a taste and cut my losses. No point pouring a beer and letting it settle for five, re pour, let it settle for 5, re pour, let it settle and then drink. Now, for those who keg and use a Brewflo, if you are to empty a keg, do not unscrew the collar, or undo the orange or black lug, just fix a beer line into the orange lug and let it pour out in a timely manner, with no extra cleaning
  6. Well my good man, I have a Belgian Lager, Cooper Artisan, Weisbeer and Pale in front of it, so I'm an even money bet, well maybe 40-60
  7. This is the second beer tonight, the one I threw hops pellets in without mesh. Pretty clear beer to be honest, not Pale Ale, may try Galaxy in it next time. In saying that though, it was more than drinkable and different from the pilsners I usually drink. Its pretty cool that even when you bugger up a brew, it still comes up pretty good
  8. So, I tried one of these tonight and that is a bitter beer. Bottled on the 8th last month and very enjoyable to drink, may be me but I enjoy that sort of flavour. That has definitely given it the oomph it needed that I used to complain about, nice flavoured beer that will mellow the bitterness a little with a few weeks secondary to establish a very nice beer...or I drink it all this weekend Interesting to see what another few weeks does to it
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  10. Understand fully. Keep the forum informed if you would, we like to help each other out, banter a bit and just pass on info and opinions. Sorry couldn’t help further with the clone. Cheers Mark
  11. Yes, it was very informative, thanks for finding it. I was hoping to "doctor up" a brewprint to be similar to Blue Moon. I'm not an experienced brew (yet), so the video is a little intimidating for me right now to try.
  12. I stand corrected, the Brew Shop guy is correct in that they are best stored in the freezer after opening. I’ll change my procedures as of now. They are ok to store in the fridge before opening but the freezer will be best practice from the start. Thanks, learn something new every day. (at least no real harm done)
  13. The bags I get are vacuumed sealed inside a zip lock bag, the Brew Shop guy told me to keep it in the freezer after it was opened
  14. They come in vacuum sealed bags. After opening I put the bag in a sandwich press seal bag and back into the fridge (stops the hop smell in the fridge although nice).
  15. Looking at Ebay, there is likely to be a few purchases off there too
  16. He has the bigger packs as well which seemed to cost not much more
  17. 7-8 bucks for 25gs is very expensive. Appreciate your support of the local brew shop but that’s adding a fair bit to the cost of your brews. I buy local, generally 9-12 dollars for 100gms, that gives 5 brews. I also buy of eBay. Just search hops, heaps with free postage. Direct from Melbourne or Sydney most of them.
  18. Yeah I have but I still have the last three prints left with hop pouches still with them, I have been half an halfing with pouches and pellets ( I will have to try the Czech Pils which is at 6.5 weeks secondary and the Pale Ale this week to ascertain how that has gone. I think I will be happy with the results and if that is the case, a couple of hop pouches is 7-8 bucks...where even if I am just buying hops in 25gms packs, it's the same price
  19. I thought you got into hop pellets and your ball and chain set up?
  20. Yeah That's what I'd be looking at. What I am planning to do with my next order is to stop ordering pouches and start dry hopping using the exact type of hops they have in the brewprint ( obviously, with the way I drink, it means a lot of Saaz). I mean, I think I have gotten some excellent results the second half of the year with the hops pouches but I'd hope to get even better.
  21. No I didn’t add any hops, only hops would be in the 1/2 a can of Coopers Draught I used. I’d say the Hallertau would work well. Give it a go. Say 20g?
  22. Hey, did you dry hop this one? Have a brewprint of this left and that comes without hops, something I think it lacked with the keg I drank, I was thinking of putting in some Hallertau hops with it
  23. Last week
  24. Hi Mark, i prefer pale ales
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