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  2. Hey @Captain 3 Droids , what are thoughts for age of Hops kept in the fridge. I reckon the bags I have have been opened for around 9months ( found them down the back, plus i used alternative hops for other beers ) the foil bag was wrapped tight , and put in 2 sandwich bags with air squeezed out both times ? Dont think they are smelling as "floral" as they did , but maybe I am thinking the smell they had after being in a Brew. They are Galaxy and Cascade i plan to use. Otherwise I will buy fresh
  3. Put this on tonight. High expectations following all the great reviews here.
  4. Kegged today after 14 days in the Droid. The brew including the cold crash was ready in just under 10 days but I left it for a few extra to further infuse the tea flavour and do what is becoming the usual 48 hour sit to address any Brewflo foaming. Probably the best tasting brew I've sampled at kegging so far. Will be interesting to see how it turns out in 6 weeks time.
  5. 4 weeks in and a taster bottle from what was also kegged. Not bad at all, needs more time though, look forward to this out of the Brewflo
  6. So nearly six weeks in...and it's a beer. Could use a slice of lemon Nah, it's OK but nothing more, the hops have balanced out but they don't add that much to it.
  7. Keggeed this one today, reckon the second keg would be lucky to be 4 litres. Was an interesting taster I had from the droid with 25gms each of Simcoe and Galaxy
  8. Yesterday
  9. Put in a jar with star san sanitiser for a few minutes, wring out with sanitised hands, put pellets in and away you go.
  10. How do you sanitatize the mesh bags?
  11. Poor old Thag Simmons will always have a place in cartoon history.
  12. Thanks to Captain 3 Droids, I see how this can work. I will obtain some of these meshes for future dry hopping.
  13. Last week
  14. I use these, goog for 30g:- https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/265031537666. ( note there are different sizes) With the Droid I’ve used both the ss ball and hop bags and never had the tap inlet block. I always drop to the back.
  15. I bottled my first BeerDroid dry-hop batch yesterday. It was a Big Bear Imperial Brown Ale. The dry hop bottling adapter leaked so I lost a little spillage. I called in the problem and they are sending me a replacement adapter. This will not be a factor for kegging. I have dry hopped before using conical fermenters with the hops in a muslin bag. This often clogged the bottom outlet. I have not tried the stainless steel fine-mesh cage to enclose the hops. That may have promise if it can avoid clogging the drain. I hope someone will post results of this - with details on which mesh container was used.
  16. Nothing quite like a few beers on a work trip. I used to stay right next to Hemmingways brewery in Cairns for work and did a bit of damage there. Even had an infamous stay in Canberra where I walked from a hotel in Manuka into the city to go to Bentspoke Brewing for a session. Not that impressive really except that it was snowing outside. 😁
  17. It’s very sweet but I think Brewart got the balance right on this one. A great IPA.
  18. Haven’t brew this one but will due to your high praise of it.
  19. Nearly 13 weeks for the second keg. This is much better now. When I brew this again I’ll definitely leave for a few months. Bit of a beer porn shot with the fire on tonight too.
  20. I think the Mountain Range could be my favourite standard Brewprint so far. Still many beers to brew but I keep ordering this one because it’s so good.
  21. Always amused by the fact the term just got adapted
  22. Far Side and Insanity Streak are great cartoons, you picked a good name.
  23. I called mine Thagomizer after the Far Side Cartoon episode of the caveman giving a Powerpoint presentation on the spiked dinosaur tail. (I'm a retired academic with an avid appreciation of the ridiculous.)
  24. Can't believe I have brewed this 3 times in 3 years. I mean you have to like Hallertau hops but geez this is a very nice drop, bit of a mix of Heineken, Becks and Boags. I don't know how but it's gettingin on the rotation
  25. Dry hopped On a side note, tried a Stone and Wood Pacific Ale last night. Probably should have tried that sooner
  26. Apparently Mood lighting is a thing.
  27. Hey mom look, it’s like 🍦 ice cream!!!! 64510147144__A651AD43-76E9-4BAB-854C-8DEEEDE8184B.MOV
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