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  2. Nothing better than a strong stout. Rob on here brewed a Belgian Strong Ale at 8.5% and there is the Kremlin Russian Imperial Stout at 9.5%. If you need info on any ingredients etc, just holler.
  3. well that explains it, ha ha! Personally I'll drink big abv winter beers anytime of year. I do like a weaker 6% irish stout at times though!
  4. Ha ha that’s why, as you have opposite seasons to us. Spring here at the moment. There are a few particular Brewprints that are seasonal only. (Someone in the US was asking was the Wicked Night Pumpkin Ale returning for the Fall.) Keep in contact as it’s good help each other and comment on our brewing results. Cheers
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  6. Thanks Barrelboy, helped a lot! I'm in USA using that website, guess I should try Australian site for more info.
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  8. Hope this helps. Where are you located?
  9. Yes, but any item out of stock, you can't view or read about it. So I had no way to see the ingredients. Thanks.
  10. They normally do put an “out of stock” note on the Brewprint. Why not order just the ingredients:- 1 x E1; 1 x E5; 3 xX2; Y5 yeast and 2 x P (primer if required for Beerflo)
  11. Thanks for reples! The chart was pretty handy, Rob! Found the weissbeer but when out of stock you cannot read about it. Wish the company would leave the info up and simply have out of stock notice on product page. Thanks again guy's!
  12. As Liam has confirmed that amount of yeast would be fine and fermentation should have been fairly active. I assume you did use a lager yeast for the 12C brew, if it was an ale yeast it probably went to sleep. Sorry Rob other than that a hydrometer test should be done. If taking a sample from the tap discard the first 1/4 cup as this will have settled malts etc and can give a false reading. I find it easier to sanitise the hydrometer, carefully lift the lid and place it in the brew for the reading. You will also be able to see if krausen has adhered to the circumference to indicate if fermentation has occurred. Also any bubbles coming to the surface etc. (don’t breathe in there, that could not be good) Cheers
  13. I did use the yeast from the brewshop guy, that was 11.5grams per droid, I'm not sure if that is just too much yeast and that much would have been enough for a 23litre brew. I did run it past Liam and he said it would be fine
  14. Greetings Dave, Mark here. You’ll just love the droid, easy as and will produce top quality brews that I’m sure will suprise. (You’ll find the Weissbeer is listed in the Brewprints under “German Weissbeer). Have fun and let us know how you get along. Cheers Mark
  15. Hi Arin, Mark here. The American Pale Ale is a good one for a first brew and you should really enjoy it. I keg all my brews into ss ball lock Cornelius 10l kegs. Are yours this style or the tall Ikegger type with a screw on top (spear) and ball lock disconnects? The difference will relate to how you force carbonate with co2. Hop addition, I suspect you have the liquid hops provided with the Brewprint and not pellets. I add the hops (pellets in a hop bag) when fermentation is complete by carefully opening the lid and leave for the 2 days keg mode before it goes into storage and then keg. However adding to the keg first then filling up is a good way to go and best with the liquid. Let us know the keg type you have and we can then go down the force carbonation route. Cheers Mark.
  16. Something not right, I’ve done 8 brews now with 1/2 tins with the longest fermentation at 9 days. If the EOF is not detected by the droid you should have a message “EOF NOT DETECTED”. You may have to check manually with a hydrometer. Unless there are heaps of fermentables, fermention should not take long with 1/2 a tin. What yeast did you use for each one? Did you have any “overflowl”?
  17. Hi Guys, Doing my first brew (American Pale) which I will be transferring to a 10 litre mini keg and using co2 for carbonation. I was hoping for some advice from anyone who may have a similar setup, on when and where to add the hops, ie direct to droid or keg, how long to rest, force carbonation tips etc. Thanks in advance, Percy
  18. so 12 days in and still not EOF. One droid has been sitting between 15-18 for a couple of days, the other has sat at 12. Not that keen to use cans if it is going to be a three week project
  19. I'd type it out all pretty and stuff but I can't be arsed
  20. ELEMENTS Cost Colour Malt Flavour Bitterness E1 $ 3.50 Minimal Grainy Moderate E2 $ 3.50 Medium Sweet Biscuity Medium E3 $ 4.00 Full Sweet Roasted Medium-Firm E4 $ 4.00 Deep Roasted Firm E5 $ 3.50 Minimal Subtle Medium-Firm ENHANCERS Cost Colour Enhancement Style X1 $ 3.00 Minimal Grainy, Sweet Body X2 $ 3.00 Minimal Soft Mouthfeel Lighter X3 $ 3.50 Moderate Rich Toffee Sweeter X4 $ 4.00 Deep Roast Coffee, Chocolate Darker X5 $ 3.00 NIL NIL Alcohol HOPS Cost Flavour & Aroma Beer Style Pairing Similar Hop H1 $ 3.50 Citrus & Floral Firm Bitterness Amarillo H2 $ 3.50 Resinous, Bold & Floral Assertive Bitter Flavour Centennial H3 $ 3.50 Subtle Herbal & Ester Soft Finish Hallertau H4 $ 3.50 Herbal & Spicy Firm Bitterness Saaz H5 $ 3.50 Floral & Herbal Clean Finish Hersbrucker H6 $ 3.50 Passionfruit & Stonefruit Galaxy H7 $ 3.50 Herbal & Fruit, Toffee & Biscuit Challenger H8 $ 3.50 Zingy Orange Peel & Corriander ? H9 $ 3.50 Spicy & Fruit Deep colour, Mod Bitterness cascade YEAST Cost Flavour & Aroma Beer Style Pairing Clarity Y1 $ 4.00 Subtle Ester Highlights Hops Clear Y2 $ 3.00 Fruity & Ester Heavily Bittered Slight Cloudy Y3 $ 2.50 Neutral Vigorous Ferment Clear Y4 $ 2.50 Clean Malt & Hop Clear Ales Clear Y5 $ 3.50 Banana & Clove Wheat Slight Cloudy Y6 $ 5.00 Phenolic, Peppery, Banana Slight Cloudy Y7 $ 3.00 Clean Clear Y8 $ 4.50 Neutral Clear Y9 $ 4.50 Subtle Fruity & Ester Clear
  21. This is meant as constructive critiques /suggestions only: Certainty not complaining. My "To Do Wish List" for Brewart: 1. Videos look nice but are brief .Could do with more information. 2. Store, Ingredients page: Hops, please list what type of hops each product is, much easy to put a recipe together. Need this info. Same goes for elements page. What malts are each product? Yeast, same info needed! Think about it, for a lot of people this is a sizable investment. Providing this NECESSARY info is critical for most I would think, especially those brewer's who already brew their own and want to customize the beers properly! Small example: I'd like to do a weiss bock such as Adventus, or Paulaner Salvator Double Bock, how can i even start without proper ingredient info. Thanks!
  22. Hi Dave, there is a German wheat beer brewprint called Weissbeer. Haven't tried it yet but it is on the to do list with my next order. The Brewart units are pretty handy, particularly the droid, just takes the work out of brewing
  23. Hi, New here, my name is Dave. So since yeast goes in first no doubt the wort cannot boil! This sort of blows my mind that good craft beer can be made like this. And to think I used to hate new technology! I have a few brews under my belt but that was 15 years ago. A few beers and meads. Anyway i like this idea since brewing was always messy and time consuming imo! Real quick, are their any wheat brewprints, especially bocks? Nice forum, hope to one of these soon! Prost!
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  25. Luckily, I used an old Grolsch bottle and not one of the long necks. Might bring one of those down for my Mas birthday and make my sis drink it...guaranteed to make her take up smoking again
  26. This would be perfect for those nights where it is still 30 degrees at 12am. Couple Belgian Ales and you'll sleep well. Of course your missus won't as you snore like a train
  27. Sounds like it could be a substitute for a sleeping tablet. 😴
  28. So that was a pint, just a pint...and I have a fair idea how the guy who invented moonshine must of felt
  29. Yeah, not sure that is only 8.5% TBH. Still, think that is going to be a cracker with another 2-3 months
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