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  2. Are most people pouring beers at 3C or higher.
  3. 15 degrees my good man and sunny, you don't miss an opportunity like that to get outside down here in August.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Painting a front fence in Mt Gambier at this time of the year, lucky your not frozen!🥶 Must admit it is nice when you finish a keg of brew you enjoyed, knowing there is more 🤗
  6. Well, that's a 5 lire keg done and dusted. Was really enjoyable after painting the front fence today...and to think, I have one of these left
  7. Good idea, I think the Ruby Porter (King Crimson) Brewprint may be close and with some adjustment? Will let you know.
  8. I’ve been adding hops for a while now, both tea and dry hop and feel fairly confident in the use of them. However “baby steps” are important in the beginning to get an understanding of their flavour and strength in addition to your own personal liking. I’ve been caught where in adapting a 23l recipe for the 10l Droid I forgot to reduce the hop additions to suit. No real harm done other than I don’t like over the top hopped brews.🙄
  9. Think that is a question for Liam, when you find out, let us know
  10. Yeah, I think baby steps first when it comes to adding hops. Liam has suggested adding the tea in the final 24 hours before kegging so I will see how that goes
  11. Last week
  12. Depending upon the recipe but hop teas certainly add something special to the can brews. Again depending upon the recipe have done both, the tea at the beginning and dry hop at the end.
  13. Yeah, I am going to try hop teas when I do the Coopers cans but tonight, just good stuff, nice creamy head. Liam did say that 12 weeks was the sweet spot on this, reckon he has a point ( using the Brewflo)
  14. I use hop pellets in a mesh hop bag and put that in the droid when I think it’s ready to go to the keg mode. Leave for the 2 days, remove and keg.
  15. Might even add a pic of this when I come home from dinner. 11 weeks secondary but this was one I did both in kegs because I had forgot to put the hops in the droid. I now know I was putting the hops sachet in too early in all my other brews. I had read that you put it in on the last day before storage but since I have been here, it should be kick off storage, put to ready to keg, drop the hops and leave for 24 hours. Anyways, this is it, I only have 9 litres minus a pint left to drink of this, friggin wicked drop. I suggested in the hop tea thread that lack of body...this has it, that bitterness that I love in beer. I mean I wouldn't say it is as bitter as a divorced woman but it comes pretty close, that hops flavour I thought was not quite there...it is there. This will be another added to the must buy two of in the next order ( 10 of 15 favs, 3 I haven't tried and a couple of cheapies). I feel like I have now mastered beer making, might add it to my business cards "Master Brewer"
  16. Now have my 20th brew in the droid (includes about 6 Coopers cans/ Brewprint ingredient brews). The unit is great, quality outcomes ever time. So good have ordered a second unit and the normal plastic fermenters can be put away!
  17. Possible challenge, love the Coopers tin English Bitter (tin plus 500g Coopers ldme). What ingredients from the Brewprint list would you think could closely duplicate this. Cheers, Mark
  18. Second Beerdroid ordered, you beauty! Father’s Day special, $100 off plus got some ingredients. Free delivery on all, a bonus.
  19. With the extra X5 be good to put a way for a while, be a nice treat and surprise later on.
  20. Hmmm, forgot I put the extra X5 in it, have kegged and bottled this one. Think most of the bottles will end up in the mystery box as that is starting to get low
  21. Thanks Rob, will try another location. However it connects to the WiFi first time..........strange one.
  22. I had issues with it connecting then dropping out after a few brews. I got to the stage of giving it away ( the app). Once every couple of months, I'll spend the time to connect the droid just to see if I need to update anything and then don't bother. As far as helping you and not whinging though, you need the units to be close to the router, if it is a millimetre to far away, you've no chance
  23. Give one of these a go next week to see how they are progressing, four weeks secondary.
  24. Yeah, next droid finished starts a Boho. I'm going to really enjoy the stretch of beers that have started with the Bel Lager in the droid, 2 of them, an Aussie Premium, Boho and a tin of Tommy Coopers Pilsner. Such a good line up to go through
  25. Yes I have thanks Mark, On both the 2.4 and 5g channels. Restarted the modem same problem. Connected several other devices with no issues as well BTW.
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