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  2. Get one of this cooking spatulas with a soft head, this one comes apart but you can cut the head off if it is one piece. By just using the head it is easier to get in and scrape around the sides and push the sediment (trub) at the bottom through the tap and drain holes. To help flush out, this spray unit (5 litre) I got from Mitre 10 for under $10 however I’m sure Bunnings would have something similar. It has a spray nozzle on the end but you can also remove the shaft and water then pumps out just past the triggers. Great for “washing” the droid out and cleaning up the tap and drain holes. Note:- should still be using a soft cloth to finish off and use a torch (it’s dark in there) to ensure all Krausen, trub etc is removed. Once clean, sanitise and don’t forget to do the tap and drain plug. Hopes this helps.
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  4. Midlands Pale Ale

    Kegged this on the 9th day so will be a while before consumption. Now have the new Coopers XPA propagating at Ale temp mode.
  5. Bavarian Lager

    Kegged this one on 7/6/19 after 9 days. Will report when set for drinking.
  6. Brew Flow Decals

    Hey everyone, Liam has sent me the latest version. It doesn't include XPA, Kremlin, and Pineapple Crush but it has the ones I needed!!! Thanks Liam. BrewFlo Interchangeable Font Tops-AU.pdf
  7. Brew Flow Decals

    Found it but not updated, need to contact Customer assistance.
  8. Brew Flow Decals

    Not exactly. One of the forums has a PDF available that are the decals that you cut out to put into the tap on the BrewFlo. I was looking for an updated version that included the newer Brew Prints.
  9. Brew Flow Decals

    Is this what your looking for? has new brews like Coopers XPA added a couple of days ago.
  10. Brew Flow Decals

    Sorry can’t help you, may need to contact Customer Service. Cheers Mark
  11. Brew Flow Decals

    Hi - is there a new PDF of the Brew Print decals available? The one I have doesn't include the newer Brew Prints. Thanks.
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  13. BrewFlo and BeerDroid layed on side during shipping!

    Thanks again Mark. Great advice for a newbie like me, I'll follow it. Talk to you later, cheers!
  14. BrewFlo and BeerDroid layed on side during shipping!

    Thanks for the response, I kegged the American Pale Ale a couple of weeks ago, not in the fridge yet but will let you know how it goes. I have made and consumed the Highland IPA, absolutely delicious, easy drinking for summer (or any time) and gave it 9.5/10 in my own ratings method. The Coopers Session Ale is another good one and a great summer brew is the English Pub Draught. As your fairly new to brewing keep with the brewart recipes to get your confidence and routine down. The biggest issue is cleaning of the unit and sanitising. Don’t forget the lid, tap and drain bung (under the tap). When your ready Contact and I’ll talk to you about experimenting with ingredients and other forms of wort (kit tins ect). Ps don’t forget that the yeast is put on top of the water first.
  15. BrewFlo and BeerDroid layed on side during shipping!

    I unpacked both BeerDroid and BrewFlo and neither had leaked any oil, not even an oil smell. After waiting > 48 hrs. I turned on the BeerDroid and all is well, so far. Was able to connect to wifi and upgrade firmware. Probably start my first brew tomorrow. It will be the American Pale Ale supplied with the Droid. While that's brewing I'll order some more brewprints. Porters and stouts are my favorite (actually, I haven't met a beer I didn't like) but getting to be summer here so will order some lighter brews also. Any recommendations? I'm a first time brewer. While I've wanted to attempt brewing over the years the old school method just seemed too overwhelming. When I saw this, I decided to give it a try. I may indeed reach out to you for advice in the future Mark, appreciate it. I'd like to be able to brew custom brews sourcing my own ingredients some day. I would love to learn how to make a chocolate peanut butter porter. Thanks.
  16. BrewFlo and BeerDroid layed on side during shipping!

    I’m sure you will be ok, what are you doing for your first brew? Any problems feel free to contact. I’ve been brewing for years now and I’m on my 11th successful Beerdroid brew.
  17. BrewFlo and BeerDroid layed on side during shipping!

    Thanks Mark. I'll follow your recommended course of action. I'm sure everything will likely be Okay. Can't wait to start brewing,
  18. BrewFlo and BeerDroid layed on side during shipping!

    Hi David, Mark here. The products are well packed inside the boxes, the main issue with the compressors is the oil displacement if the units are not upright. 1) you noticed box on its side however with various transporting and handling of these products none of us would know how they were handled before we received them. 2) I’m sure manufactures are aware of this but obviously keeping upright is the best care 3) I’d photograph the boxes, black etc however would open them up and check for any oil leakage/seepage. There shouldn’t be and if units left upright for 24 hours the oil should be back where it should be. 4) if 3) & 4) ok I’d use the setup and use the product but contact BrewArt by email or phone about the problem to cover yourself. hope above helps. Ps the brewdroid is fantastic
  19. Hi, new BeerDroid and BrewFlow owner, just arrived today. I haven't opened the boxes yet. I noticed after the FedEx driver departed, both cardboard outer boxes were all black on the "side" of the boxes from laying/sliding around on the floor of at least one truck, and maybe more, even though the boxes were clearly marked not to lay on the side, keep upright. The 101 videos state never lay boxes on the side, keep upright as laying them on their side could cause damage to the compressors. Should I be worried about damage to the compressors? Anyone else have this problem with shipping? Did your equipment still work fine after you opened it and used it? Am I too worried about the video warning? Thanks, Dave.
  20. GaryS

  21. American Pale Ale

    Just kegged the American Pale Ale at 10 days, smelt nice. Cleaned unit, sanitised and have now put down a Bavarian Lager. Easy as.
  22. American Pale Ale day 3

    Although an old post I’ll make comment incase others refer to this thread. You need to remember the viewing window only gives a limited view in terms of the whole fermenter and consequently whilst bubbling is going on it may take a minute or so (by pressing and keeping light on) for a bubble/s to pass where the viewing window is. Another sign of fermentation activity is the time taken to increase the brewing temperature, fermentation creates heat therefore the speed in the temperature going from the low value to the high value will quicken.
  23. Spare Parts

    Further info Paddy, other people on the site lost their lids to the keg/liner and emailed brewart and were sent replacements. Cheers Mark
  24. Spare Parts

    Sorry, thought you were only after the beer liner set up. If your talking about the black right angle connector that connects the beer line with the keg lid then it is included. However if you mean the keg lid itself then I’d contact the Brewart store via the Contact at the bottom of the store section.
  25. Spare Parts

    Hi there. I can only see four items there unless I am missing something? I need the black cap that screws onto the beer liner. The part that seats the spear.
  26. Spare Parts

    Hi Paddy, go into Brewart store and click on “supplies” not accessories. Bit confusing.
  27. Any tips to getting the keg full?

    This, my very first keg I did not invert. I thought something was wrong so I watched the video again and turning it upside down fixed the problem for every keg since.
  28. Spare Parts

    Hi all I have 8 kegs at the moment and have just started brewing. Unfortunately I realised that I threw my first beer liner out with the black attachment attached to it and the dump now owns it. Has anyone had any luck buying a spare kegging part from Brewart? I can only imagine I will lose a valve top or a spring one day too. I can't find anywhere on their site. Cheers Paddy
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