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  2. i bottled my first xpa and will be 2 weeks on Sunday. I’ll try one then but from all reports will need longer. I’ll post a report once I’ve tasted
  3. Thought I'd do something different
  4. So have just put my KI trip Belgian on so it'll be at 5-6 weeks when I drink it. Surprisingly, the correct ingredients have gone in this time
  5. Had the first one at 5 weeks, it was fine
  6. I’m with you, don’t like the Coopers XPA in cans nor the Coopers Session Ale. However I rate the Brewprint version highly and have brewed it 3 times. Without tasting and confirming with side to side samples I would say it is close to that on tap if not slightly better imo. Worth brewing.
  7. Not of this beer 😂😂😂. I have the Lion city in the droid now then will change that out for the cricketers before doing a stout coming into winter 😂😂😂 , i like to think even flat out brewing i am doing well to maintain stock levels 🍻 . But yes this beer is a cracker. I have the one bottle of the plastics for the CPA. Will do a side by side tomorrow to see about carbonation retention and flavor differences. I have also kept making sure the plastic lid was tight .
  8. Can anyone here attest to the taste of the Brewprint Coopers XPA compared to that which is served on tap? I currently live in Brisbane for work but am an Adelaide local and have tried the XPA at various pubs around town back home with varied results. When it's served fresh and at the correct temperature it is simply brilliant. I've tried the XPA in cans up here in QLD and wasn't that impressed. I'm keen to get as close to replicating that pub fresh XPA taste as possible with the Brewart system. Is this possible?
  9. Cascade and challenger work well together and at 10 weeks I suspect they have mellowed out nicely. Seems you’ve got a bit of stock up now?
  10. So this is now at 10 weeks for me . It is amazing, my new daily driver i think . Saying that I still have a few new brews to get through this month lol . Going a mild hop blend ( 15gr cascade and 15gr challenger) has given this a good kick , not over powering with hops 😄
  11. Shem’s spreadsheet is great. You ask any questions, it’s all about helping each other. Cheers Mark
  12. Thanks Rob and Mark. I mostly enjoy Pale Ales and Stouts. I'm planning to use the Brewprint ingredients as per Shem's spreadsheet. I'll experiment with some dry hopping and take things further from there as my experience grows. I've read most of the content here and on the Facebook page so will try to avoid asking any of the questions that have been answered ad nauseam.
  13. Ok so update . Added all ingredients at 22 degrees and 4 days in no really offputting sulphur smell from my first go at brewing this. Didnt effect the taste last time but seeing if maybe there is an improvement ( or regression) in flavors , either ways interesting test 😄
  14. Kegged today in a maturing keg, will try in 6 weeks?
  15. Yesterday
  16. Tell a woman she is beautiful a thousand times and she'll never remember Tell her she's fat once and she'll never forget That's because Elephants never forget
  17. Such a good brew, nearly five weeks in and it just stands out against the other beer ( wheat beer, which I really like tbh). Our holiday this winter will now be at K.I. as we can't travel anywhere, will take a dozen longies half Birra, Half Belgian over there to help me deal with my children
  18. May have to try this as my ale next time. They make a really, really good lager that I found at a steak house on the Gold Coast. Not only were the steaks just tops but when the waiter came over and he was handing out the menus, I asked what beers were on tap (expecting to hear Carlton dry...draught...Iron Jack) and he asked what I drank, and when I said I prefer Lager/Pilsners he said " we have the Stone and Wood Lager on tap" and I was all " Haven't had that before, happy to give it a go" and he laughed and said "Mate, I'm going to be bringing you pints all night of this stuff" I mean, he was wrong, I wasn't ordering pints...I ordered jugs, not pints
  19. Hi Dustin, it is Covid unfortunately so times take a little more. Given you are in Brisbane though and that is where shipping comes from, it will only be a few days/week at tops. When you get the ingredients though, put any yeast and hops in the fridge as soon as possible. What type of beers do you like brewing/drinking? Also, please ask any questions you have, we have a few decent brewers on board who can give suggestions.
  20. Hi all, long time reader first time poster. 😬 I'm about to start brewing with the Beerdroid. I picked up one secondhand and it's being brought up to me here in Brisbane in a few weeks. How long does shipping usually take for ingredients purchased via the BrewArt store? I'd like to try and time my purchases so that they arrive around the same time. Cheers, Nick
  21. pale ale and galaxy go really well together. Always best to check your brew before offering to mates, they can be cruel 🤭lol
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