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  1. i have been using a coffee percolator to make a liquid hops that i add to either bottles, keg or the droid while brewing, still tweaking it but result ain't too bad
  2. haven't read the article, but from the thrust of the message in the link, i would agree somewhat with the statement, recently i have been fortunate enough to (samples) try some beers from a retail brewer, (and give an opinion) not going to mention the name, but i have been given some of the beer to try, imo, it was nice however i feel that it was spoilt somewhat by too much hops , beer isnt all about hops, it's all the other ingredients that react with each other to create something that we all enjoy, i love the smell/aroma of the hops, BUT, they can make a beer too bitter
  3. Mine has Frayed a little and I averted a leak the other day with the tap, noticed a slow drip when I put in a Brew, rotated the Tap clockwise till it was at 180 deg and the drip slowed/stopped then just rotated it back to correct position, no more drips, I use Olive Oil, and i remove the Tap after each Brew
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