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  1. Cheers Gibbo Well I left the keg I tried in fridge to cool completely over nite then tried again this arvo. Admittedly I tried it at room temp last nite just to test brew flo. The chilled keg dose pour a lot better but beer is still al title flat but I think like u said just more secondary ferment time. Will leave em a bit longer from now on. cheers ?
  2. Yea mine don't pour to well either I'm wondering if 2 weeks second fermenting is long enough. mine look like yours Gary Queensland gold lager I had to store it for 5 days wonder if that killed it, not to sure!
  3. Yep I just rinsed with more water and got it all out. It's been fermenting for a few days now and seems ok u can see the bubbles rising up through the window so must be all good.
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