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  1. Hello All, Just wondering if anyone had experimented with fruit in their brews, like making a mango beer. How might you have achieved it? Did you add fruit to the primary or secondary stage? Did you boil or freeze it to kill the bugs? Any suggestions/recipes would be great. Thanks All.
  2. Hello All, Just had a couple of the Lighthouse with the Fortnight hops. It was dry hopped for about 36 hours (25g) and I'm pretty impressed. Nice characters in the aroma. Worth the experiment. I probably still personally prefer the citra/galaxy mix of past attempts but its a great blend none the less. DCM - I got it at my local home brew store. It was in the fridge with all the other hops.
  3. Hi all, I am about to add the new "FortNight" hops into my Lighthouse Pale Ale. Reports suggest it should be awesome. I will let you know how it turns out. FortNight™ is a dual purpose hop blended from at least 5 classic US hop varieties and is suitable for most US styles from pale ales to quad IPAs. Produces strong grapefruit character in the foreground with subtle undertones of pineapple and apricot.
  4. Guys, just a word of advice, when removing the tap for cleaning, don't push on the little latch and then try to pull or wobble it straight back out. It puts pressure on the spigot. Just twist the whole tap unit gently sideways and spin it around. It breaks the seal/grip that the tap has built up and slides out with no effort and there is no pressure applied in areas that can get weak or break. I do the opposite to put the tap back in. A spin/rotation to put it in place and I never actually use the latch, it just slides over the top of the locking lug from the side.
  5. Wow Pursya/Matt, I can't believe you guys found that. You must have wayyyyy too much spare time. But I am glad you did. A very interesting read! Thanks for doing the research.
  6. Does anyone know how the droid actually does this? There does not seem to be any sensors or the like inside the droid tub itself. How on earth does it detect propagation, fermentation, EOF etc? Am I asking too much here....is this wildly proprietary information? Just pure curiosity on my part.
  7. Hello Brewers, Most of you I am sure will order your components individually rather than as a boxed Brewprint to save some serious money. You will therefore know that the ordering screens are a bit long winded. I have whipped up this spreadsheet with a dozen or so of my favourite brews and made it easier to work out what to buy each time I order in bulk. Just tick the box under the brews you want and it will add it all up for you on the Left hand side. I use bottle/tablets not the liquid primer so I have left that out, but you can add it in. Anyhow, feel free to add more columns, change the brews etc - you need some basic excel skills to do so. It does make it a much quicker process though. Hope it helps. Ordering Spreadsheet Template.xlsx
  8. Derren Green


    Hi Pursya, I had exactly the same issue. Had been waiting 16 days for my Birra Italiano to finish fermentation and just by chance I looked at the screen on the droid and it said Ready to Keg. No notification from the App - its always notified me correctly in the past. Also when I finished bottling I normally get another notification that its added two kegs to my shelf. Did not get that either. I have had no internet issues and I have check that my iPhone is still all correctly set up for notifications. Could be a glitch for support?
  9. Ok, finally got around to making a couple of videos of this process. Took a full video with my phone of filling the sprayer and pumping it up but it was 120Mb, could not get a smaller file. Anyhow, you have a couple of close ups of the very fine bubbles flowing down the glass that you'd want from nitrogenated beer. I only ever do one bottle at a time so not really concerned out the oxygen issue. anyhow, have a go! Love you hear your comments IMG_0763.MOV IMG_0765.MOV
  10. Yeah, of course. Its just a Powerpoint document (attached). There are 2 slides per label. The first where you can change the design around as required and the second where the label from the first slide has been saved as a complete picture and then resized to suit to 500ml swing tops I use. I just print the second slide on a laser printer (at work, thanks Boss) and then once cut out, brush some milk on the back and they stick on really well. Super easy. Feel free to be the first "Grumpy Black Cat" franchise or modify to your hearts desire. If you are not great with PPT let me know your ideas and I should be able to help you out. Good Luck. Label Designs V2.pptx
  11. Stale beer Banjo?? You are meant to drink it, its not a table ornament mate. ?
  12. Yeah, I have been doing it with my Irish Red Ale....results are great. Really creamy head. Really happy keeping with the results for such a simple work around. Give it a go, you only stand to lose $7.00. You may wish to fiddle with drilling out the nozzle a bit to make it bigger if the bottle you get has a small nozzle only designed for a really fine mist spray. I will take a few photo's / video's tonight and load them in for you to see.
  13. Hello All, I have seen a number of posts here or in Facebook (I lose track of who said what and where...) about adding nitrogen to your beer to get that lovely stout/Kilkenny style pour. A few posts have suggested using a device from the US called Nitrobrew. A crazy device with compressors, kettles and the like for $600. Ouch. Before you do that, try this.... Just go to Bunnings and buy a $7 1.5 Litre spray pump bottle that has the hand pump on it. You would normally use it to spray your roses or something. Throw your Irish Red Ale in it, stick on the lid and give it a good pump. The air you are pressure forcing in is 80% nitrogen anyway. Use the trigger to pour into a glass and you get that same soft creamy head, tiny bubbles flowing down inside the glass etc. A great result for bugger all money. Have a try before spending too much of your hard earned.
  14. Thanks for the feedback all - I had fun making them. Appreciate it. Still working on other taglines - each brew needs its own! So far I have the following to use, as well as the ones above - can anyone think of anything else suitably humorous? Dinosaurs had no beer, and look how that worked out. To beer or not to beer - that is a silly question. If beer is the answer, what was the question? Life and beer are very similar - chill for best results. Technically, beer is a solution. Beer - because you can't drink bacon. Beer - because you don't win friends with salad. Education is important, but beer is importanter. All ideas warmly welcome!
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