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  1. For the sake of the exercise, try pouring the store bought XXXX Gold into the same glassware and see how it performs in comparison. ?
  2. If you continue to experience excessive foam levels with a certain recipe, try reducing the priming dosage. Make sure to measure the priming dosage so you can quantify the results.
  3. Correct! A vessel with zero airspace will still happily allow secondary fermentation to happen. For example, I fill my bottles to less than 10mm from the top and they happily transition through the secondary fermentation and conditioning phases with the final result being a perfectly carbonated beer.
  4. It looks quite normal to me. Yeast in suspension at bottling/kegging will usually settle out during secondary fermentation.
  5. It's quite light in colour and just 4.2% ABV. I'd imagine that 4 x Elements/Enhancers will be ample. As for the hop character, there's not much going on, both bitterness and aroma/flavour. I should add that I only have the SA brewed 150 to go by... Maybe H6??
  6. Need?? Sort of depends on your preferences. For mine, the answer is YES! There is nothing better than pouring a glass of beer from your own tap. ?
  7. German Weissbier = big head, ja?! I've poured this brew into a similar glass as below and got a good result. Could the problem be the type of glassware you are using?
  8. No, the beer will only fill up the bag to a volume that the bag allows (not sure if that makes sense??). What I'm trying to say is that the bag inside a keg can be under-filled but not over-filled. ?
  9. I second that! What, no prize?! Fly #1: Have you checked out the new Waste Disposal Site? Fly #2: Yeah, the food is great but the service is rubbish...
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