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  1. Yeah Robert the customer service is awesome, I have 2 droids and 2 flows, ( I set I got cheap ) touch wood the only issue I have had is the taps, nothing else in 10 months.

    Don't suppose you would be interested in selling the drain tray off the old one if the new one comes with one, the second one I have is missing the tray.

  2. Hi Robert, do you mean the flow not the droid, I have heard 1 or 2 cases where this has happened, contact support and they will be able to go through some tests with you and either fix the problem and or replace the unit

  3. I currently have 6 Kegs, and about 80 stubbies, but that's not going to be enough, I am doing 1 keg and about 15-16 stubbies per Brew, I find the stubbies while a slight additional pain to fill and manage, it means I can have some always in the fridge for a single drink as I get a single glass per pour without any sediment, but find the kegs great for weekend when having a few people around, but where I have found a brew I like I will do extra kegs. Plan is up to 20 Kegs, lucky I go a lot of storage LOL

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  4. Hi Chris,

    I have a Ginger beer kit to try, I will have to modify it as its a 20 ltr one, but once I have done it Ill let you know how it works, but would be interested in a brewprint

    I have however tried a dry cider mix, still on 2nd stage so will let you know how that goes, I think a Cider brewprint would do well also.

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