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  1. Aztec Cerveza (AC)

    Looks great! This will be my next brew that is ready, can't wait.
  2. Water for brewing

    Thanks for the replies guys. Do you think the store bought water is better than tap water?
  3. the Twins

    There is a heaven!
  4. Pretty happy with how clear and creamy this one turned out!

    Looks amazing!
  5. The Turks Head Inn

    How do you leave home with a setup like this!
  6. Best BrewPrint for spicy food?

    A cold beer???
  7. Tap fonts

    Yep changed mine. It is a little scary to change the first time, as a fair amount of force is required. It felt like I might break it. However I got there in the end. After the first removal, it is easily removed with less force.
  8. My first pour from the BrewFlo

    My first pour was a Queensland Gold. Was a bit heady for the first glass, but after that it was great.
  9. I don't claim to be an expert here, however talking to other brewers there seems to be some concern/affect in relation to the water used. Some mention hardness or softness of water, other mention the minerals in the water. I have not tried any of this to confirm or deny this.
  10. When to add Hops

    I have had a couple of brews that are single hop brews. I did the process of opening the BeerDroid and adding the single packet of hops and then leaving for 24 hours. However in the last brew I did, I forgot that is was a single hop brew and started kegging. Half way through kegging, I realised...I tried to the best of my ability to split the single packet between the two kegs. I will have to wait and see if this has had an adverse affect on the brew.
  11. Check BrewPrint contents before Brewing

    Wow, didn't even think to do this! I have three brews in secondary fermentation. Hopefully they were right. I will have to check future brews.
  12. Ginger Beer BrewPrint

    Talking with other brewers of Ginger beer, there seems to be a common comment of the Ginger beer leaving an after taste. If this was not an issue for BeerDroid, I would be defiantly buying a Ginger beer brew print.
  13. Would you buy a Cider Brewprint

    +1 to a Cider brew print. I would also buy a Ginger beer, however I heard this can leave an after taste that can affect future brews.
  14. Brewprint Shelf Life

    I noticed that on the hops packet, that it mentions to keep refrigerated, otherwise I have not seen this mentioned elsewhere.
  15. Water for brewing

    Has anyone tried anything other than tap water for their brewing in their BeerDroid? Over at Brewers Friend ( and this seems to be quite a detailed topic. I am considering trying this, but wanted to get a few brews done with normal tap water so that I have something to compare too. I also seem to remember this being discussed on a tour of the XXXX factory I went too a couple of years ago.