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  1. Hey guys. I have a brilliant idea. One of many that usually revolve around me drinking and thinking of stuff. I hope admin can 'pin' the post.


    I call it "Same, same, but different."


    It is along the lines of the Beer Support on the Brewart site. But for beers that people like that aren't identified on the site. 


    In the comments to THIS POST. So we can all find it easily. You nominate a Brewprint that tastes like a beer that's available in bottle shops etc, and rate the likeness out of 10.


    The idea that it should broaden our horizons, as well as maybe safely "try before you brew"


    I will go first. Let me know what you reckon. ?


  2. 5 hours ago, Ian-B said:

    Gibbo - perfect answer. Thanks mate.

    Sounds like one of the keys for you having the right size vessel as you put it, which helps identify when you've got half out.

    Would be interested to hear what you and others experience when using full cans for 10 litres.
    I've read from others that they're using the full cans but with less/half of the other ingredients  which sounds like it could be easier and also relatively cheap to take a punt on to see how it turns out. 

    So far the full cans have worked out well for me, however I will get a couple more Yeast from Brewart at next order.

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  3. Thanks for the feedback guys. I guess finding some yeast for the second half of the tin would also be a pain. I have the Canadian Blonde can, which I will halve. 

    Try one half with the recommended Enhancer and one half with the Light Dry Malt. I hope it comes out like a Hahn Superdry which is a beer I like to Smash

  4. Who has had much success experimenting  with using the 1.7kg tins?

    Do you halve the tin of go the whole hog? I have done the Mexican Cerveza with 250 grams of Enhancer 2. Came out alright. One of the blokes at the Brew store told me that it's the 1kg Enhancer that brings it up to the required ABV for the 23 litre systems.

    I am trying a Full can Coopers Draught with same amount of enhancer, it's been brewing for about 8 days now. With this one I tried breaking the Wort mix down in 2 litres warm water, then added 8 litres of cold. 

    I would love to be able to just load up on Brewprints but my surname isn't Packer unfortunately.

    Who else is using cans as well as Brewpints?

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  5. On 1/30/2017 at 9:22 PM, Shane McDonnell said:

    I found this definition to explain cold crashing.


    Cold Crashing is the process of rapidly dropping the temperature of your home brewed beer before carbonation. This is done to have yeast, proteins and other solids fall out of suspension resulting in a clearer beer and removing or reducing chill haze.

    Hey guys, brand new to Brewing but have been drinking it for more than half of my life. I think that a Glossary somewhere on here that would help out us Noobs with commonly used terms such as Cold Crashing above, would be really handy. Thoughts?

    And I should be ready to keg my first Brew being the American Pale Ale, which I got with the system.

    PS. There should be a link to this forum on the Brewart page. Apologies if there already is.


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