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  1. Hi Kaisersose , I actually make some small batch all grain worts and ferment them in my BeerDroid rather than my conical. I've had nothing but success with this method. I've also done half kits of ginger beer in the BeerDroid - just saved the other half to brew later. So yes, they are multi-purpose. Cheers
  2. MattS


    Just got an email from Brewart confirming they had app issues over the weekend. So nothing to do with the IOS update - just a coincidence. It's working fine now and my manually started brews are showing up in the app so all good.
  3. MattS


    And now it works again. Started working after updating IOS to 10.3.3 on my iPhone. Not sure if the update is related to the fix but it's working again.
  4. MattS


    Can't login to the app this morning. Changed my password and still no go. I can login to the store and here so not an account issue. On brewart.com under the account section I can access everything except the "My Beer Droid" option - it times out and gives me a blank screen. There seem to be others affected as well (see justbrewart.com.au). Looks like a backend fail of some sort.
  5. Yep and it was good. Infected brew wouldn't explain the direct path from air in to air out though. Just put my Czech Pils on tap and that is fine. I'm also a Star San lover so the droids and kegging kit always get a good soaking in addition to all the other cleaning and sanitising.
  6. So I just had my first ever keg fail. Had my Aztec Cerveza sitting in the fridge for a week or more after conditioning then transferred to the BrewFlo. Hook everything up and pull the handle to dispense goodness. All I got was air, air, and more air with a slight amount of froth. After about 5 mins I got a glass of froth that eventually settled to beer (with a big head). Had a taste and decided that I have invented a new sort of beer that would appeal to some sort of alien invader. Hard to describe the taste but "yeasty" and "disgusting" covers it. I suspect there is a problem with the liner and have emailed Brewart support. Ended up tipping the beer out and throwing the keg liner away, there was no way it was recoverable. Bit of a shame as I have brewed the Aztec Cerveza before and my wife is quite keen on it.
  7. MattS


    So 2 days ago I used the app on the way home from work to move from storage to kegging mode. When I got home nothing had happened and I put it down to an Internet glitch. Did the same thing yesterday and this time watched the app. It appeared to be doing something but the display on the app didn't indicate a change in the zone. I repeated this about 6 times and no change. Anyway the short story is that I had to log out of the app and log back in. From then on in my zone changes worked. The odd thing was that even though I couldn't get the zones to change before the logout/login process my droids were still both reporting their current status back to me, just wouldn't accept a change. So, if this happens to you the fix is to logout and login again. Cheers
  8. Ended up fixing itself about an hour later. I suspect there as a problem with the servers.
  9. So both my droids have lost connectivity to the server about 15 mins ago. I can surf the web and do everything else. Anyone else having the same problem?
  10. That's exactly what I do along with a fair amount of olive oil spread around on the inside of the spigot as well as on the o-rings. The first time I tried to use the latch I gave it up as bad news and came to the same conclusion as you.
  11. Replacement picked up. S/N is in the 1200's this time and the firmware needed updating from 09 to 11.
  12. And as usual the Brewart customer service shines. They've just arranged for a replacement from my local Hardly Normal store.
  13. I have also just developed a crack where the tap inserts. Luckily (?) I have a second droid so I've swapped over to that. I've raised a query with Brewart.
  14. And now the Bombshell Blonde is no more ? - it went down well. Even friends liked it. Have now got an Irish Red Ale in the BrewFlo. This one pours perfectly. Absolutely great. Only had 2 weeks conditioning at 20C and 2 days in the fridge at ~3C then into the BrewFlo. It is definitely the frustration of the pouring lottery that is giving everyone the dirts. You just don't know what sort of pour you are going to get. Interestingly, when I tried to remove the liner from the dead keg of Bombshell Blonde I had to give it a real good pull to get it out. It displayed signs of still being partially inflated even after all the air and contents had been let out. I was a bit skeptical about the liner issue that has been discussed on this forum but I am now included to give that theory some air (pun?) as it seems the only logical reason why the liner was still partially inflated when all the valves etc had been removed.
  15. Well found, but the link doesn't work ? as presented. However if you go to here and put "Fermentation Coopers" (without the quotes) into the search criteria, tick the box that says "include abstract text" and search you will be presented with some results. If you select the 4th in the list (for me) application no. 2008217539, click on the application number and select Specification/e-register then click on download specification(AU-A1) it will provide the PDF file describing the process. There is a second document (AU-B2) that seems to be an update to (AU-A1) but I only glanced at it. An interesting read.
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