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  1. Seems a bit strange given it has been bubbling away like crazy and appears to have done all the right things
  2. Ok so my Coopers Pale Ale has been brewing for 6 days and 13 hours now. Got a notification to my App saying Fermentation Start not detected, its been brewing for 7 days! The LCD display on the Droid has no error message at all. The brew looks like Pale Ale colour and has been bubbling away nicely so far, What do you guys suggest I do???
  3. So it still should still auto detect when fermentation is complete and jump into store mode? It was a bit weird because the Droid was initially in sync with the App in terms of elapsed time, but then about a day and a half into it the BeerDroid elapsed time changed. I wasn't sure if the weak WiFi signal in the shed had anything to do with it, but it shouldn't. Also not sure why it switched to "CUSTOM" Its still bubbling away nicely and seems to be heading in the right direction.
  4. Hi all, Bought myself a BeerDroid and BeerFlo and have my first beer brewing currently - Coopers Pale Ale. I have the BeerDroid out in the back shed and it does have WiFi access but the signal is not the best. So synced my Droid to the App and all is well, set the brewing off with the App on Monday night. I have just noticed that when I check the App it says its been brewing for 2days 11 hours and all is well, it gave me notification when it went from propagation to fermentation which was cool. I have now noticed that the BeerDroid screen shows brewing for 1 day and 3 hours and shows as "CUSTOM". I checked the beer by puting the light on and it looks good and is bubbling away, looking like Pale which is good. Can anyone shed some light on why the App and the Droid seem to not be in sync and why the Droid only says 1 day 3 hours. The App is the correct duration and all temps are good and knows I'm brewing a Pale Ale. HELP!!!!!
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