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  1. Had the same overflow issue as dcm but with a Polska Baltic Porter after 3 days of fermentation. I, too, opened the lid as it took me by surprise, made a big mess of the cupboard and the floor and was still leaking after 24 hours. This has almost stopped the leaking at this stage but it is still fermenting. Hope I haven't ruined the brew. Not game to release pressure using the tap, though, as I have already had two taps fall apart. Will make sure the BeerDroid is sitting in a catch tray for subsequent brews.
  2. Just broke my second tap on my third brew. I'm very careful with my stuff. Love the BeerDroid but the taps are rubbish. I very, very carefully separated and oiled the second tap, very, very carefully put it back together and when I barely touched it to release half a cup of steriliser solution, the top half sheared in numerous places and detached from the bottom half of the tap. The first one started leaking part way through my second brew and then the bottom half lugs sheared when I touched the tap to start bottling. Lost half a brew but BrewArt were great and sent me the second tap and a new BrewPrint straight away. Yet to see if my half brew survived but it was a lot of time and cleaning up for not much beer, even if it did survive. The top half of the first tap and the bottom half of the second tap are now together and I'm brewing. Just hope the sterilising worked and that the tap doesn't fail again before I get to bottle this brew (porter). Am very keen to see Brewart develop a better tap as it is pretty obvious that the current one is substandard and makes the Beerdroid very unreliable.
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