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  1. Hi The Bitter Draughty I have been leaving the brew for six weeks to see what difference it makes. The metallic taste has gone. As I wrote above the taste is ok but very mild. I think the brew making needs tinkering with somehow. Cheers.
  2. I tried a couple of bottles that I had kept for a month on the weekend. I had used bottled water in this brew. Maybe I am fussy but the taste was very, very mild - not at all like genuine sparkling ale.
  3. Thanks for the feedback all. I am bottling. I am careful sanitising the filling tube, bottles and caps too. I am now waiting for the last three brews (that I have used bottled water in) to be ready for tasting. I may have to then consider distilled water or adjusting the conditioning time if no good?
  4. Hi all I have completed about seven sparkling ale brews now. I always get a metallic taste despite being fastidious with sanitising. Basically you wouldn't want to drink this beer. I use the tablet for the Beerdroid and I use StarSan for the bottles. I am now using bottled water for the brew in case this makes a difference. Someone suggested maybe leave it longer before drinking. I will now try leaving it for a month. If this doesn't work, I feel I will be close to giving up. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. I use StarSan. I am very careful. It's been a bit frustrating. I have done about seven brews and they have all been pretty awful. But I have drunk them after two or three weeks. I guess I have to leave them longer.
  6. Interesting Brad. I am new to this but have brewed a couple of sparkling ales. I am getting the metallic taste despite being fastidious with sanitising. I am now using bottled water in case this makes a difference. However, maybe leave it longer before tasting is the go? So about a month or so?
  7. I am about to buy the Beerdroid but I have to ask how true to taste can I expect the brew to be? I am a enthusiast Cooper's Sparkling Ale connoisseur! Thanks.
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