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  1. Droid number 2 just failed with a spigot crack. I have been told that many oils/lubricants are causing the issue. I find that difficult to believe, I reckon this is an expansion/contraction mechanical failure of the very thin plastic spigot. I'd like to know what lubricant Brewart recommend, because using nothing is not an option.
  2. Couldn't find any reference in the manual about what "Ft" being shown in the droid window meant, but apparently it's a "Fermentation Test". Thought the thing had gone bad already. Clever thing this droid. EDIT - Found it, on page 9. Easy to miss though.
  3. The Droids incontinence got me thinking. There must be an air gap somewhere for all that gas that's produced. So is the lid deliberately not air tight?
  4. Something else I don't quite get is if you select 'custom' you can select the temperature profile. But how do I know what temperatures to select? And why would the custom settings for lager be any different for the same Brewprint lager settings?
  5. So today I started my first brew using Brewart ingredients (Belgian Lager), started the brewing process using the app by choosing it from the shelf and starting the brewing process. I notice that on the Droid it says "Custom" when I thought it should say "Lager"? It probably doesn't matter but does anyone know if this is normal?
  6. I bought it from HN. No problem, I have a few cans so will try a first brew using those. It wasn't my CC, it was the merchant refusing payment.
  7. u9026a


  8. So tried to buy some ingredients: " The transaction was flagged as possibly fraudulent and subsequently declined " Seriously....
  9. Thanks Pursya, I'll order a few ingredients and twiddle my thumbs while I wait....
  10. I'm pretty sure I have read that the first brewprint is included with the purchase of the Droid? Or am I mistaken? If it is, is it inside the droid box? All I have is the droid.
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