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  1. Wow, you buy Demineralised water? That's dedication Yep Starsan is reusable as long as the PH is under 3, it makes it very cost effective
  2. I agree with @BrainDeadBrewing StarSan is great for it's time efficiency, and cost. But Droid Cleanse still has a place for me for it's ease of use. I'll soak my BeerDroid have a beer and forget about it for a couple of hours, come back and it's ready to brew!!
  3. Hi Michael, You'll definitely want to rinse it out and sanitise it before starting your next batch. Fermentation is a war of microbes fighting for supremacy, and you don't want to give the baddies a head start
  4. Hi Kaisersose, I am also a long time All Grain brewer and can vouch for the quality of the beer from my BeerDroid. You're right about the quality of malt extract, it has definitely increased markedly over the years, also because BrewArt uses dry malt it doesn't oxidise and change colour. The BrewArt Brew Prints are great quality and really convenient if you want to make a great tasting quick beer, but the beauty of the BeerDroid is that you can add any type of wort to it and it will still work fine and hold temp and run fermentation tests. There are heaps of people on this forum using extract cans, and fresh wort kits with great success. Cheers
  5. Hi Fraser, Are you using the New Keg Spear Packs? They are supposed to stop foam from a restricted Dip Strip, If you are using the Keg Spear Pack then it can really only be 2 things: 1) Temperature - Ensure that your keg is completely chilled by leaving it in the fridge or BrewFlo for 24 hours prior to pouring a beer. 2) Over Carbonation - This can be caused by: a) too much priming sugar, b) beer still fermenting in keg, c) contamination of a wild yeast or bacteria If it is Over Carbonated you can most likely release some pressure from the keg over a couple of days by chilling the keg in the fridge, then slowly undoing the black valve until all pressure is released, then undo the orange valve slowly (outside because of mess) repeat this process over a few days and this should release excess CO2. If all else fails contact BrewArt and see if they can help Good Luck
  6. Hi Derren, I have experimented a lot with fruited beers, My personal favourite is Pineapple IPA. The things to keep in mind when using fruit is: 1) Fruits contain additional sugars. So if you're adding it after fermentation expect the fermentation to restart. 2) Fruits can contain wild yeasts and bacteria. So you need to be careful not to introduce any unwanted organisms into your beer. For my Pineapple IPA I use straight Pineapple juice (start with 1L) when I add the water, this means the yeast can consume the sugars from the Pineapple juice prior to the more complex malt sugars, meaning you will not be left with a lot of Pineapple flavour but more aromas of Pineapple in the finished product. Most pineapple juice you purchase is pasteurised so there is no need to worry about wild yeasts and bacteria, but if it isn't you can pasturise it yourself by heating it to 72°C prior to adding it. Keep us posted on your results if you do it
  7. HI Derren, I have used Fortnight before in the Dry Hop and absolutely loved the results. I'm guessing there's SImcoe in there, and some of the 'Big C's'. There's another 'Hop Blend' called Zythos which I use a lot because you get massive Pineapple notes from it, you should keep an eye out for it. Let us know how the Lighthouse turns out, it should be a cracker!!
  8. HI Hetkela, I have brewed the California Steam as well and it is a bit of a darker beer. It's 35 EBC which is definitely on the darker side for an ale. Here's a handy PDF about beer colour if you're interested: http://www.chemtronic-gmbh.de/images/chemtronic/Apps_e_pdf/EBC Colour I.pdf Don't worry it should be delicous Cheers
  9. That looks and sounds incredible, Look at that head! Thanks for keeping us posted Peter, I may need to brew one of these in time for summer
  10. Hahaha!! Great beer name that Once you start your modifications that has to be the name of one of your custom brews ?
  11. Looking good! I also like the beer stats stuck to the BrewFLo ?
  12. You're welcome, I'm always happy to speculate But yes you're right, distilled/reverse osmosis water is optimal (its just trying to find it at a reasonable price which is the issue) and conditioning times makes a huge difference as it allows the yeast consume any byproducts created during the fermentation process. Please let us know what you find
  13. G'day Peter Thats looks great, thanks for sharing I love ginger beer. I'm surprised that the BeerDroid didn't detect fermentation though, if it ferments then it should detect it. was your yeast stored in the fridge? please keep us posted on the progress of it, ?
  14. That seems like a massive hassle. The delay definitely does sound like the best option ?
  15. Beard Droid

    Keg cabinet

    That is a thing of beauty!
  16. I have the same temp controller, it works a treat. You can play with the settings and change the delay time of the cooling, or heating. in your case it sounds like you could play with the delay of the cooling. Check out this video here: https://youtu.be/5ha5gsI8Gb4 At about the 8 minute mark he explains how to change the settings for a fermentation chamber
  17. If you can get your hands on Reverse Osmosis (or distilled) water that is the best. The brewery has already made all of the correct mineral adjustments for the beer. Conditioning time could also play a part in helping some of those flavours get cleaned up. Are you kegging or bottling? If bottling, maybe the bottle caps could be affecting the beer?
  18. @Andrew Stimson I can't say that I have ever personally had a metallic taste. What are you sanitising with?
  19. @The Bitter Draughty I love the idea of setting up an old freezer as a fermentation chamber. How many kegs can you fit in there?
  20. Hi Gary, Welcome to the group, Don't stress every sounds fine, as long as you put the yeast on the water first the DME will dissolve in to the water in a day or two.
  21. Good to hear mate!! Lets us know how it turns out ?
  22. I had the same thing happen once. When I took it apart I realised that I forgot to put the white o-ring on the keg cap. Safe to say it hasn't happened since haha
  23. I wouldn't be too worried about how it looks, to me it just looks like foam (remaining krausen) and not an infection. The taste will always be a little different when pulling a sample prior to bottling/kegging because the yeast and lack of carbonation and conditioning. +1 on DCM's comment about 6 weeks secondary. The flavours to look out for would be Citric Acid, Vinegar, Sour flavours, if you have them its a tell tail sign of infection. Sulphur flavours/aromas natually occur during fermentation and can be scrubbed by the yeast after a bit of time in secondary. give it some time and enjoy ?
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