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  1. Yes there is a bit of a learning curve. The keg caddy helps. Also the most important step is getting the collar screwed onto the bag exactly right (see photo). First line up the beginning of the threads of both the collar and the bag then press and turn anticlockwise a mm or two before turning clockwise (thanks for the tip Liam). If it’s not exactly even start again. Then it needs to be really tight. I even use multigrips just at the end to get it tight. If there is the slightest gap beer can leak out into the keg. Even if this doesn’t occur I think it may be the reason for excess foaming when in the Brewflo, as compressed air might get into the liner (I don’t have the foaming problem any more since I have been ensuring the connection is perfect, even when using the old keg liners). Be careful not to tear the liner during all of this. Finally make sure the valve poppets are put together the right way and make sure the valves are really tight too. Cheers!
  2. Good idea. Let us know what they say.
  3. Good question Brett. I would like to check the alcohol level too. I have tried using a hydrometer to measure the specific gravity of the wort by pouring off a small amount from the droid at the end of propagation, and then again at the end of fermentation. Secondary fermentation apparently adds about 0.5% alcohol after that. But I got variable results and my alcohol calculations were mostly lower than expected. I suspect the initial SG in particular was not accurate as the ingredients all sit on the top of the water initially and without having them all mixed in and in solution then a sample from the bottom may be too watery and not reflective of the true SG. I discussed this with Liam who agreed. I guess we just have to trust the Brewprint’s estimated levels.
  4. Yes my California Steam was relatively dark too. Tasted nice, slightly unusual, apparently a hybrid ale-lager style. I found the carbonation was low in bottles compared to my other brews, and with poor head retention. And it was my first brew that was not too heady in th Brewflow!
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