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  1. Another day, another part of The Beerdroid fails. Of The two Droids this one is the younger so hasn’t done anywhere near the work of the other. No rhyme or reason why this one has failed while th other carries on. BC56F856-FBD4-46E9-A185-76BA0A311D24.mov
  2. That’s good. But....the amount of people on the Facebook page who are selling their Brewflow, and kegs, going for The ikegger system instead shows me the 90% is a figure pulled from thin air. Ive had a pretty good run with kegs. Tonight I put in a new Irish Stout, a brew ive done before with success, and I’m pouring ice cream. I would rate my keg experience as 70%. The perfect pour is a myth for a lot of people.
  3. Hi all. i have been monitoring the brewartists Facebook page and an interesting discussion has started about the new spear system. One BrewArt customer is very upset that he has gust bought a stack of The now non compatible liners. His point is valid. In the same week that they announce this major redesign, he was charged full price for a product now in runout. Not a whisper that maybe he should only buy enough for the next month, not the next half year. Brewart responded with the claim that the old liners are 90% successful. Well there’s a figure that I don’t believe, would love some feedback on here. And apparantly that’s the only way BrewArt will address the issue as they have stated they don’t monitor the Facebook page, only this forum. The other interesting thing for me, after BrewArt’s “90% perfect pour” assertion is, if it’s that good why the upgrade? I was just about to drop a $400 order in, but now I’ll wait.
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    Same same, but outdoors! Spring has sprung.
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    English Pub Draught. reminds me of England in June.
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    Irish Stout from the flow. very nice.
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