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  1. Andrew, Not sure about the tinkering, but they do say leaving it longer the better? So maybe with that beer 6 weeks is the go? I struggle to let mine sit for more than 3 weeks before i start drinking it though. have you seen this web site? http://howtobrew.com/book/section-4/is-my-beer-ruined/common-off-flavors
  2. Thanks, that was the "Bitter half's" idea, I have the brewprint ingredients on the back for reference too. I reckon it would help over time to understand each brew better, especially when i decide to do modifications down the track.
  3. My first brew, American Pale Ale - not too shabby at all.
  4. Also the count down timer did not do the job, unfortunately the countdown time needs to be set manually after each cycle, so the delay settings are the best option.
  5. Thanks Smooth Hoperator I have watch that video before, but did not pick up on the bit about the delay setting. I must have a newer version as my E5 E6 t1 settings are different to the video, which did not help, but once i realized that it made more sense. I have set the delay time (t1) between heat & cool to the max 30mins, which should improve the situation in the cooler nights.
  6. Strange? It was a Woolworths brand. I shall weigh the next one before i put it in.
  7. I have been using a Keg King temperature controller which does a top job in keeping my freezer within a 18º to 20º range for my second fermenting. But i am finding that the heating element does too good a job and reaches the "Set" limit very quickly, and the created heat is enough to trigger the cooling soon after that, and cycles thru this approx every hour. basically a heat versus cool battle. In the warmer nights +22º, i just disconnect the heating and it is not a problem. Does anyone know if you can set the controller to turn the heating off at a lower temp other than the "Set" temp? I thought of using a 240V timer that has a countdown function, to achieve the same result. https://www.bunnings.com.au/hpm-24-7-slimline-digital-timer_p4420556 I hope that all makes sense, any thoughts would be appreciated.
  8. I think that is a good option. I used spring water for the first brew as i was too impatient to boil the tap water and wait over night. But i found that it was 9.75 litres not 10. Next brew i used tap water and a 1/4 camden tablet which was very quick to get rid of the chlorine.
  9. Hi Andrew Did you use tap water? I read that you need to remove the Chlorine \ Chloramine from the tap water, I have used Spring water that was Chlorine free, in one brew and Tap water with the Chlorine removed in another. not yet ready to taste, so i do not know if they were successful. http://beer-geeking.blogspot.com.au/2011/05/water-chlorine-chloramine-and.html
  10. Hi Smooth Hoperator I can get 4 kegs, but unfortunately the bottom shelf is to low for bottles, can not move it as the shelf is the element as well. But 4 kegs will work well for me, I have 8 kegs in total and plan to do a brew every 2 weeks. secondary fermentation is about 2 weeks so will work out well.
  11. I have gone the temperature controller as well, and hooked up an old upright freezer that we were not using, needed to buy a heating mat for the winter nights .
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