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  1. Thanks Smooth Hoperator

    I have watch that video before, but did not pick up on the bit about the delay setting.

    I must have a newer version as my E5 E6  t1 settings are different to the video, which did not help, but once i realized that it made more sense. 

    I have set the delay time (t1) between heat & cool to the max 30mins, which should improve the situation in the cooler nights.

  2. I have been using a Keg King temperature controller which does a top job in keeping my freezer within a 18º to 20º range for my second fermenting.

    But i am finding that the heating element does too good a job and reaches the "Set" limit very quickly, and the created heat is enough to trigger the cooling soon after that, and cycles thru this approx every hour. basically a heat versus cool battle. In the warmer nights +22º, i just disconnect the heating and it is not a problem.

    Does anyone know if you can set the controller to turn the heating off at a lower temp other than the "Set" temp?  

    I thought of using a 240V timer that has a countdown function, to achieve the same result.


    I hope that all makes sense, any thoughts would be appreciated.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Pursya said:

    I always use spring water. 10 litres for $4 from Woolworths.

    I think that is a good option. I used spring water for the first brew as i was too impatient to boil the tap water and wait over night. But i found that it was 9.75 litres not 10. Next brew i used tap water and a 1/4 camden tablet which was very quick to get rid of the chlorine. 

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  4. 40 minutes ago, Smooth Hoperator said:

    @The Bitter Draughty I love the idea of setting up an old freezer as a fermentation chamber. How many kegs can you fit in there? 

    Hi Smooth Hoperator

    I can get 4 kegs, but unfortunately the bottom shelf is to low for  bottles, can not move it as the shelf is the element as well.

    But 4 kegs will work well for me, I have 8 kegs in total and plan to do a brew every 2 weeks. secondary fermentation is about 2 weeks so will work out well.


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