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  1. For my last brew, it cost me about $3 for 15g of hop pellets from my local home brew store which were already in a little bag (looks like a tea-bag). Pretty sure that's cheaper than than a couple of extra hop pouches. I opened the packet, and threw the little bag with of hops into the droid and put the lid back on. Can't say easier than that. In my opinion the flavour and scent is better than anything the hop pouches will give you. That said, yes, you could just add more hop pouches. This is purely anecdotal, but I believe the hop pouches effect the scent more than the flavour, where as doing what I described above effects the flavour more.
  2. Hi Dean, Personally, I wouldn't hop a US Chiller. In fact, I wouldn't really hop any standard Lagers over and above what you get, as I don't think they lend themselves to a hoppy (or hoppier) profile. Pale ales on the other hand.... Hop away! But that's just my personal opinion. If you are going to hop, you can either make a hop tea, which you're probably best adding at the start when you put your main ingredients in, or you can "dry hop" where you basically just throw the stuff in. Do that at end of fermentation and leave it for a few days. As for what hops to add, again this is a personal preference. There's a post somewhere in which myself and some others posted some detail on what sort of hops matches what sort of beer. Good luck! Ian
  3. That is genius. Is this something you're doing?
  4. Gibbo - perfect answer. Thanks mate. Sounds like one of the keys for you having the right size vessel as you put it, which helps identify when you've got half out. Would be interested to hear what you and others experience when using full cans for 10 litres. I've read from others that they're using the full cans but with less/half of the other ingredients which sounds like it could be easier and also relatively cheap to take a punt on to see how it turns out.
  5. I think so. Kind of wish I'd tried doing an APA prior but without the extra hops in order to compare. Based on other APA's I've tried though, I'd say it's pretty much on the money and tastes the way an APA (for my liking) should taste. I also did have a smiff of the pouches before pouring them into the droid, and I'd say they smelled pretty similar (if not the same), but I'm no hops expert.
  6. @Gibbo Might be a daft question, but how do you go about halving the extract cans? The brews I did pre-beerdroid, the extract in the cans I used were very thick and "treacle-like". I would sit them in a bath of hot water and then pour the can into the fermenter. Based on that experience, I would imagine it's quite hard to get half out.
  7. Just thought I would report back that I cracked open a small bottle of my APA last night that I had dry hopped with Amarillo hops, which should be the matching hops to the H1 pouches you get in the APA kit. This is my 4th brew and after only 2 weeks in secondary would have to say that is my favourite brew so far. Has a really nice hoppy tastes without being overly hoppy. Will definitely be doing some additional hopping in the future.
  8. I thought it was you Deeks, but I couldn't remember for sure. I'd copied the list from your post and had it in a note on my laptop and couldn't find the original post again when I went back to look. Thanks again Deeks anyway!
  9. The aroma was much more noticeable. Won't know about the taste for another week, but I'll be sure to report back. I got that list from a post on the Coopers forum before this official forum existed. I expect the user is on here but possibly under a different username, but they said they compared the descriptions from the various Brewart hops to the characteristics of normal hops. Based on my APA, the smell was spot on.
  10. I bottled an American Pale Ale in the week. I added the normal hops and also added an extra 15g of Amarillo hop pellets which I just threw in wrapped up in some of teabag type material. Left them in for a few days. Smelt amazing when I was bottling. Can't wait to try one. Not sure if others have seen this list, but when adding additional hops (fresh or pellets) I'm going off this guide. H1 - Amarillo H2 - Centennial H3 - Hallertau H4 - Saaz H5 - Hersbrucker H6 - Galaxy H7 - Challenger H8 - Bitter Orange Peel and Coriander Seed H9 - Cascade
  11. You'll be fine for 40 hours. If you were planning on a week or more, then stick it in storage mode. On my last brew, I popped it in storage mode for a couple of days to try and cold crash it straight after fermentation had completed. Not too sure how well that has panned out, but should know in a couple of weeks.
  12. One of the 101 videos does actually cover it. I think it's in the bottling video. Basically, once fermentation has finished, pour in the hops and leave it 24 hours. Don't stir, just pour in and leave. Cheers, Ian
  13. I've got a small handful of 500 ml bottles which I've been bottling into (most of my bottles are 750 ml swing-tops). With the 750 ml bottles I use two carb drops, but with the 500 ml bottles I was worried that 1 drop (3g of sugar) would be too little, so I read a suggestion somewhere to use one teaspoon (roughly 4 or 5g depending on your measurement) of caster sugar. I think carbonation is largely subjective, but I've found one teaspoon of the caster sugar has turned out great on the two brews I've done using the 500ml bottles. I know it's a little more hassle than just dropping a couple of drops in, but I'd rather not risk exploded bottles (or under carbonated beer). Ian
  14. On one of my brews I forgot the hops altogether and ended up bottling it. It wasn't until a day later that it occurred to me I hadn't added the hops. Ended up perfectly drinkable - just didn't have the hops hit that would have made it all that more enjoyable.
  15. Are you using the app on your phone? If so, did you get the status showing that fermentation had been detected (usually after a day or so)? If not, then it's possible that either the yeast wasn't added or it was faulty yeast. If fermentation has been happening, then I'd suggest leaving it another few days. I know you're probably keen to bottle/keg, but a few extra days in primary fermentation certainly want harm your brew. You could also take a manual reading if you have a hydrometer.
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