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  1. I have always poured at 3 degrees since I enjoy my beer nice and cold
  2. Hi Graham, thanks for sharing your experiences. It is worth watching the BrewArt 101 videos to get some good tips as well. Hopefully you will learn from your mistakes and improve on your future brews.
  3. That’s awesome, if only I lived on the east coast ! Look forward to hearing about the adventures on the road.
  4. Looks like it is a dry extract so it should dissolve in the water. This is much easier than using a liquid extract. Since the packet says makes 23L just use half of the dry mix with 10L of water and then you can brew the other half later. Since it takes a while to dissolve it is best to add the yeast to the water before adding the dry mix so that it is able to propagate before the fermentation starts. Like Dean said since it is an Ale, you can just use the Ale brew program and it should be fine. If there are any specific brew instructions on the packet, you could also do a custom brew program with those settings. I have not seen those packets before so would be interested to hear how it turns out.
  5. Nope, mine seems to stay logged in all the time. I’m using it on an iPhone so not sure if that would make any difference.
  6. That's great, thanks for letting us know
  7. I don't worry about the keg temperature too much. The only thing that would worry me is if the temperature gets too high it may affect the taste and carbonation of the beer a bit. If the temperature is low then it may take a bit longer than the recommended 2 weeks to condition enough.
  8. It uses the temperature sensors to do the fermentation tests. There is an algorithm that BrewArt uses to test for fermentation which determines when it starts and finishes depending on the temperature change during the test.
  9. Just tried drinking straight from the BrewFlo tap like Barney Gumble and it was so good! Just wondering if anyone else had tried doing this?
  10. Deeks


    I guess it may have been an issue with the BrewArt server then. It's probably best to contact BrewArt tech support and they can remote into your Droid and see what is happening and check the status of what has been updated on the server.
  11. Yeah this is normal since using the app starts the BrewPrint using its own custom brewing settings for that BrewPrint instead of the regular lager brewing settings which has slightly different brewing temperatures. This is explained in the BrewArt 101 FAQs which are on the BrewArt website which is useful for help and guides for using the BrewArt system.
  12. Deeks


    Is the Droid connected to the internet and wifi working? The app gets the data from the BrewArt server so if the Droid can't connect to the sever via the internet then the app won't show the status of the Droid. Also there is a bit of a delay between the Droid and the app as I think the Droid only updates the server with a certain time interval so the Droid won't be continuously uploading data so you may find that it doesn't notify as soon as it is ready to keg but shouldn't take longer then an hour to display it on the app. I don't think there is an issue with the server as I can still access my app at the moment. Hopefully it will sort itself out but let us know how you go.
  13. That's nice work Banjo, would be good if they were whole numbers which make it easier to calculate. I was thinking that the yeast and hops might also contribute to the colour. At least that is something to work with if you want to be able to replicate a beer with using custom ingredients.
  14. Yeah that's the same numbers I got for the bitterness of the elements as well. I was surprised at how mathematical it was when adding up the bitterness of the elements to get the total bitterness of the beer. I also tried to work out how much each ingredient contributes to the colour of the beer but this seems a bit more difficult as there ares so many factors which effect the colour of the beer.
  15. That's interesting Pete, that the wine fridge at 20C still had issues with the head. You might be onto something with the keg liners being duds and having air inside coz that happened to me with mine that didn't pour very well and they seemed to have a lot of pressure built up in them too.
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