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    Neder Lager
  • BrewPrints I've Brewed
    Abbey Dubbel
    American Pale Ale
    Bavarian Lager
    Belgian Lager
    Belgian Strong Ale
    Coopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale
    Coopers Pale Ale
    Coopers Sparkling Ale
    German Weissbier
    Irish Red Ale
    Lighthouse Pacific Pale
    Lion City Lager
    Monch Lager
    Mountain Range IPA
    Neder Lager
    Polski Baltic Porter
    Ruby Porter
    The Original Pilsner
    Thomas Coopers Artisan Reserve
    Thomas Coopers Celebration Ale
    West Coast Pale Ale
  • How Many Brews I've Completed
    20 - 50 Brews

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  1. Fancy seeing you here Deeks' ;)

    1. Deeks


      Yeah you too ?

    2. Darren Keech

      Darren Keech

      Of course :) It has a real official feel about it :D

    3. Deeks


      It will be good to be able to get some support from BrewArt on here instead of having to email tech support.

      I was actually trying to change my forum name to Deeks on here in the account settings but it wouldn't let me so I guess I'll just have to use my real name ?

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