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  1. Thanks Dean I have since connected the first keg and it pours ok except for being a bit heady on the first pour. i am using the old liners so from all reports this is normal. What I did on the second keg was I loosened the big threaded collar about one eighth of a turn and the liner filled out instantly. I spoke to Liam and he said that I should not have done that but he said it should not make any difference.
  2. Hi brewers, I have completed two Brewprint brews and my first two kegs are two days away from the 14 day carbonation period. What I have observed is that the liner in one keg seems tight if that is the word to describe it, while the other one seems to be loose of floppy like it is low on carbonation. Is there any test or procedure I could do to check that if in fact it is carbonated or find if it is leaking somewhere?? I am nervously waiting to serve my first droid beer from my brewflow..
  3. I should add to this so that all reading this topic know where I am at. Liam and I spoke about this and I regained the connection by removing and refitting the battery in the modem. As Liam says, this should just reconnect when there is a signal so I am still observing any anomalies.
  4. Yes dcm, I think the router has a problem whereby if it loses connection it doesnt want to re connect. I actually just completed my second brew and turned the droid off to clean it and prepare it for the next brew. I placed all the ingredients in and turned ot back on and it connected without a problem within a few seconds of the power being switched on. This is not the same as turning the Modem off or it losing its charge. I have been going through a menu that I found in the modem app and there is a few settings in there that I would like to try but want to get a few brews ahead first. I will report here and to Liam if I do find anything.
  5. Thanks Liam, it is 4 days and 19 hours into the brew so should I wait until the brew is finished?
  6. Hi Liam, Unfortunately my Droid has lost contact with the wifi again after about one day into the brew. I can not see any reason for this happening this time as our wifi is on and has plenty of data left. I will leave it to finish the brew and then see if it will hook up to the wifi without the problems that we went through last time. I am now about 3 days into the process.. I may have to just use it as a manual fermenter and not rely on wifi connection. I would have thought that wifi should re connect at any time. Maybe a software update to provide this function??
  7. I have just spent many hours with Liam as he was sorting a problem of the WiFi in my home not recognising the Droid. What happened was that I put my first brew down and had the WiFi and everything working well. Well one of my computers decided to do an update and this coupled with face time calls over Xmas caused me to run out of internet. (thanks telstra) The Droid became disconnected from my modem and I could not re connect it until the brew had finished. It finished after 7 days and I cleaned everything keggd the beer and then tried to reconnect to the wifi on my droid. Well that when the trouble started. My WiFi name would not appear on the list on the App so I had nothing to select for connection. We went through everything trying the three methods listed to connect, then we went into the menu of the wifi modem and set and reset the settings all without success, then Liam suggested that we remove the actual battery from my wireless modem. I did this and as soon as the battery was refitted the droid then "held hands" with the WiFi modem. it is working perfectly now and I can not thank Liam enough for his patience and for his time to get to the bottom of the problem. What great service.
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