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  1. Hello all. I have some questions about the brewart kegs. Some background first, I'm an experienced brewer and currently have a home grown mini kegging system. My existing setup originally used the Tap-a-draft bottles and a custom cap to allow me to connect a beer line with a stainless dip tube, as well as a co2 line from a standard co2 regulator with a 5lb co2 tank connected. Unfortunately it seems that Tap-a-draft went out of business and I can't find the bottles or caps anymore so I've been looking for an affordable alternative. These brewart kegs really look promising to me, the problem is I already have a mini fridge with normal draft taps connected to standard shanks. This means I don't have an air pump that would be required for the kegs along with a liner. I also have the ability to force carb since I have an external regulator already. So again can the kegs be used without the liner, and what psi are they rated for? Also, what size tubing is used for the quick connects? Can liquid fitting on the inside of the cap be replaced with something like a barbed fitting instead? Thanks for your time!
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