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  1. Non Brewprint Brewing

    Hi Barrelboy, Brewed as i would a brewprint all turned out fine.
  2. How to test ABV

    Ok have talked to brewart and they say that for every element or enhancer you add it's 1% plus .5% for carbonation. But if you don't use a brewprint not sure how you would know.
  3. How to test ABV

    Yes I tried the same thing, With a standard Brewprint I trust Brewart's levels, But when I do a custom brew I would like to check alcohol level. Maybe i should ring brewart see if they can advise,
  4. Selling Beer droid and BrewFlo s

    Hi Brandon, If the Beerdroid is still for sale I will buy it for $500.
  5. How to test ABV

    Sorry if this is a silly question but how do you check the ABV in a Beerdroid.
  6. Selling Beer droid and BrewFlo s

    Ok thanks anyway.
  7. Selling Beer droid and BrewFlo s

    I don't know where you are, But I'm in Central Queensland, I think it will be a bit more than that I've never heard of Sendle here. I'm willing to pay $450.00
  8. Selling Beer droid and BrewFlo s

    How old is it,when did you buy it,is it still under warranty. $600 is abit more than I want to pay, With freight I might as well but a new one.
  9. Selling Beer droid and BrewFlo s

    OK mate thanks, Let me know if you do.
  10. Selling Beer droid and BrewFlo s

    Would you just sell the beerdroid
  11. Selling Beer droid and BrewFlo s

    Is it pickup only or will you post
  12. Non Brewprint Brewing

    OK thanks Guys, Still up in the air weather to mix it first or let it mix itself in the droid. Will let you know how it goes.
  13. Non Brewprint Brewing

    Hi Dean, Everything is mixed together in one bag,it is a bitter ale from ibrew
  14. Non Brewprint Brewing

    Hi all, First of all I love the beer droid,and the Brewprints, But I have a dry mix that I would like to try that is not a Brewprint, Do I go about brewing it the same way as a Brewprint or mix it up in a suitable container and pour it into the beerdroid then add yeast. Hope this makes sense, Thanks.