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  1. Hi Mike, I brew with All-Grain wort most of the time. I use the Droid now primarily for recipe testing. I've been brewing up 20L of base wort using a neutral bittering hop. I then split the batches into 2 10L batches. 1 goes into the droid the other into a 10L keg until the first batch is fermented. I then test out different Flavour/Aroma hop combinations and yeasts. It works a treat. Kind Regards
  2. I second that. The whole process is idiot proof. In the time it took me to keg a 21 litre batch, I'd cleaned, sanitised and made a German Weissbier kit!
  3. Hey Barrelboy, Sorry for the lateness of my response. Brewdroid is going great! Although I'm getting the dreaded tap issue that most people seem to be experiencing here where the rubber seal on the removable tap is beginning to perish. The Lemongrass Lager turned out to be amazing. Even the wife liked it and she's not a beer drinker! I ended up adding lemongrass essential oil to the Aztec Cerveza kit and it has been one of my best brews yet, all grain brews included. I've posted the recipe on the forum. My only compliant with the whole system is the use of the liquid hops. They add a funny metallic taste to the brew that seems to disappear with time (about a month conditioning) but I've changed to using hop teas instead. I use the Westcoast IPA and Mountain Range IPA as a malt base and add hop teas from there. I'm finding they give a good level of bitterness and I can tailor the hops to my liking. Currently got a NEIPA on the go using the Westcoast IPA as a base. I added lactose and hopped with Azecca, Eldorado, Citra, Mosaic and Galaxy. Reduced some Passionfruit pulp and Pineapple Juice and strained that into the brew droid on day 4 of fermentation. I let it sit for an additional 4 days once EOF was reached to allow for any extra fermentation the juice might have created. All in all I'm pretty happy with it. I want to give a couple of the Coopers Craft series brews a go to see what I get, but my plan is to put a couple of 10 litre all grain brews through after the NEIPA is finished. If they turn out OK it's going to be used for recipe testing. I'm hoping that I can brew pilot 10 litre batches to test before taking the plunge and upscaling to 21 litres. I'm currently kegging into 4 x 10 litre iKegger kegs which is a breeze. Kind Regards Kaisersose
  4. Rum and Raisin Stout Ingredients 1 x Coopers Special Old Stout Brewprint 300g Raisins or Dates 1/2 Vanilla pod 175ml of a Dark of Spiced Rum (Kraken Rum used in this recipe) 200g Lactose 40g Dutch Cocoa Powder 50g Cacao Nibs 1 tsp Vanilla Paste 11.5g Fermentis US05 yeast Method 1) In 1L water bring to boil Lactose, Cocoa Powder and Vanilla Paste and simmer for 5 mins. 2) Allow liquid to cool and add to sanitised Brewdroid. 3) Set Brewdroid up for Coopers Special Old Stout recipe add ingredients to Lactose, Cocoa, and Vanilla solution and Brew as per Brewprint instructions 4) Steep raisins and 1/2 Vanilla pod in a Sanitised Jar with Dark Rum until Brewdroid reaches End of Fermentation notification. Between 9 to 15 days. 5) Once Brewdroid has reached End of Fermentation notification set Brewdroid to Store mode at 3° celsius for 24 to 48 hours. 6) With a sanitised strainer, strain Rum and Raisin solution to Brewdroid. 7) Keg or Bottle as per usual Brewdroid practises. Notes This is a brew that benefits greatly from conditioning. Anywhere from 6 to 12 months in the bottle or keg is highly recommended. Drink sparingly. This is a brew to be savoured and drank slowly. Your favourite Cuban cigar pairs perfectly.
  5. Lemongrass Lager Ingredients 1 x Aztec Cerveza Brewprint 12 x Stalks of Lemongrass or 12 x Drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil (Cooking Grade) 500ml Water Method 1) Set Brewdroid up for Aztec Cervesa and Brew as per Brewprint instructions 2) Once Brewdroid has reached End of Fermentation notification set Brewdroid to Store mode at 3° celsius for 24 to 48 hours. 3) Sanitise a Pot and all associated equipment with a non rinse sanitiser such as Star San. 4) Bring 500ml water to light simmer. 5) Trim and Bruise 12 stalks of Lemongrass. 6) Simmer Lemongrass in the 500ml water for 30 mins. 7) Strain liquid and refrigerate covered until Aztec Cervesa has reached the end of 48 hours under "Store" mode. 8) Add Lemongrass Liquid to Brewdroid and Keg or Bottle as per usual Brewdroid practises. Notes If available Lemongrass Essential Oil can be replaced with the Lemongrass Liquid solution. The Essential Oil must be cooking grade and can be added directly to the Brewdroid prior to Kegging/Bottling. I've used Young Living Essential Oil in this recipe with great success. No more than 12 drops per 10l Keg.
  6. Hi Fellas, Thanks for the information. I've finally taken the plunge and brought a Droid. I purchased a couple of Brewprints swell (Tall Tale Pale & Aztec Cerveza) The Tall Tale I plan on trying as is just to get the experience of a Brewprint. The Aztec I plan on adding Lemongrass to. I had a similar Lemongrass Lager at a local craft brewery and thought a lighter lager would suite the Lemongrass. I'm not sure how I'm going go about doing this at the moment, I thought bruising and steeping the Lemongrass in 500ml of boiling water might be the way to go. That way I could using the water to sterilise the Lemongrass and add it as I would a dry hop addition. I'll keep you posted on hoe this turns out. Thanks again for the information
  7. Hi Guys, I hope today finds you all well. I'm a long time home brewer looking to downgrade my home brewery operation. At the moment I brew all grain with a Braumeister 20L. I'm seriously considering purchasing a Beerdroid and scaling my operation back to 10L due to the variety of beer I like to consume and the time it takes to put down a batch of all grain. I've been involved in a long term fight with my all grain friends that with the standard of todays extracts and speciality grain it is entirely possible to brew just as good of a quality beer through extract brewing than it is with all grain. In fact most commercial breweries do this already. My question is this, has anyone used anything other than brew prints to brew in the beer droid? Is it possible to brew extract cans in the beerdroid or something like a full wort kit in the beer droid? A yes to any of these question would all but make up my mind. Kind Regards Dave
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