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  1. Hi Hi Mark, Thanks heaps, you're a legend! Pretty much what I suspected and did find the correct information when I checked the details on the brewprint in the app. I'll definitely let you know how it turns out. I was really happy with the Julebryg Spiced lager which you do a similar thing with so looking forward to this one
  2. Hi people, just wanted to check the extra ingredients/spices for this one. My slip of paper gives the grams of the spices as 1.25 g, which I've converted to 1/2 + 1/8 of a teaspoon - so not very much. The star anise though says 75 g - which would be close to 100 pods - way more than I've ever put in anything! Is my slip wrong? Should it be 7.5 g? Those that have made this ale - did you use the full 75 g? Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks Chris, particularly for the dextrose info. We had a play this morning and tried dissolving a tablet we had left over, and it dissolved fine. So, we'll give it a go, I'll look forward to posting results here
  4. Thanks Stuart, The Millie's kits come with glucose pills - you put 2 per 750 ml bottle when bottling. So we were going to dissolve 13 pills in a little water and pour that into the keg as the primer. We'll see how we go, I'll let you know
  5. We've just been sticking to Brewprints so far also, but have just ordered a Mad Millie's cider kit that we're going to try in it. Do you think it would be ok to keg it for use in the BrewFlo or stick to bottling?
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