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  1. BrewFlo and 6 Kegs for Sale

    Hey everyone, sorry it is now sold !
  2. BrewFlo and 6 Kegs for Sale

    Hey Guys, BrewFlo for sale. If anyone is after a bargain and a secondary pourer , please let me know. $330 for all of it. Includes:- Brewflow unit - 6 kegs - 6 brand new keg spears - Keg Caddy - 2 original keg liners and beer lines. $330!!! Will post at buyers expense Gold Coast, Queenland
  3. Selling Beer droid and BrewFlo s

    No worries Brett , I frequently send stuff to a mate in mount Isa , and it’s $31, is awesome! $450 is a bit low unfortunately , $500 is the lowest I’d go , as I’m gonna be left with the Flo And other gear ( if I don’t sell it to another bloke ) cheers
  4. Selling Beer droid and BrewFlo s

    Purchased January 2017 From Harvey Norman. What are you willing to pay ? freight via Sendle is fairly Cheap and includes insurance. Approx $28
  5. Selling Beer droid and BrewFlo s

    I might sell it on its own now, as someone wants my brewflo. $600 if still interested Brett.. cheers!
  6. Selling Beer droid and BrewFlo s

    Sorry Brett, not at this stage.
  7. Selling Beer droid and BrewFlo s

    Happy with either! will ship at buyers expense, I think sendle has a flat rate of $26 or so based on 25kg max, not sure what it will all weigh in at though .
  8. Selling Beer droid and BrewFlo s

    Hey guys hope I’m able to post this here ! Selling my BrewArt Kit unfortunately ! Don’t have time anymore and on a health kick! Fortunately it’s for someone else’s gain! Asking $1000 for ALL! This has EVERYTHING you need to make beer, including ingredients to make an American Pale ale and an Aussie Lager. So 20 L of beer included! All accessories are included to keg the beers! Includes: - BrewArt Beer Droid -BrewArt BrewFlow ( to pour perfect beer from your kegs) - 6 X 5 liter Kegs And their components- - 4 Keg stands - 2 keg Liners and Keg lines - 2 Cleansing tablets - 1 Keg caddy to help keg from the Brewer into the Kegs - 6 Keg spears for an upgraded pour from the BrewFlow $1800 in Retail value!! Links to product Page: Read less