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  1. I used to have variable results, I have 5 tips... When you get 'ready to keg' leave it another 24hrs Wild yeast will cause problems, make sure you sanitise REALLY well. Consider washing with an alternative steriliser, then rinsing with the droid cleanse. Same as #2, try using 10l 'spring water' from the supermarket, especially if you are on tank water. If you like English style ale rather than fizzy Australian lager, consider halving the dose of primer. I always connect the beer line and pour a couple glasses BEFORE I add air. This can reduce excess pressure more quickly. Good luck! I always get great beer now, and I'm very happy with the system.
  2. I have had many great brews from the new system, and quite a few from the old. I would say that they are now pouring better, but bear in mind that they now deliver from the bottom of the keg, so the first glass is more likely to have some sediment in it. Don't dismiss and entire keg from the first glass!!! Let the keg sit in the flow and try again tomorrow if your beer is cloudy and yeasty.
  3. I reckon the keg I have just cracked is the first over-heady one I have had in ages....and that is because it is 4 months old and from before I perfected the kegging. I've definately had more than 10 good ones prior to this, so I don't have an issue with 1:10 Sure, I'm a little pissed off that I have 20 'old' liners in stock, but I'm very pleased that they are upgrading all 20 of my kegs for no charge. When I invested in this I knew it was a new product, and accepted the risk of getting something with no reviews or track record. By my reckoning if they are upgrading your hardware for free, and only leaving you out of pocket on consuables, they're not doing a bad job on customer support. I'm definitely a 9 out of 10 happy customer.
  4. Yes, I've had that twice. First time I had a new full keg fill the flow and my carpet. Second was just as I plugged in the line, so I got a face-full but wasted very little. I think it's due to too much pressure in a new keg. I never leave the flow unattended now with the beer line plugged in until the pressure has dropped enough to hear the compressor kick in at least once. Brewart were very good and gave me print for the trouble.
  5. My Beerdroid is "BevvyBot"
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