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  1. Sorry to hear that. Well if you change your mind 600 BrewArt owners will be there!
  2. Barrelboy - I'd suggest joining the Facebook group for BrewArt owners. Those forums are much more active than this one and can really get into some stimulating conversations. Hope to see you there!
  3. Forgot to mention - yes the brew will finish just fine. It doesn't need to be connected to finish.
  4. Jason - I haven't had this issue but see on the Facebook forums that a few people have. These forums aren't very active. I would suggest joining the Facebook group for BrewArt BeerDroid and BrewFlo owners. Lots of awesome guys/gals on there very willing to help. Hope to see you there.
  5. Those are great tips. Thanks for posting Martin! I’ve been using city water as well and just started adding campden tablets to kill the potential chlorine. May try a batch with spring water next to see how it compares. See you on the BrewArt forum on Facebook Darth!
  6. Couple posts about this on the Facebook group for "BrewArt and BrewFlo Owners". I highly suggest you join as the forums there are very active compared to this forum. I'm pretty new to brewing and have yet to try my kegs so I cant really share much expertise but the 500+ on Facebook sure are knowledgeable. I've learned so much already. Hope to see you there!
  7. Add the yeast first followed by elements and enhancers. Hops and primer usually aren’t added until you keg if that's what you plan to do? However, with that being said, hops are sometimes added directly to the BeerDroid prior to kegging. The BrewPrint should tell you that. These forums aren’t very active. I would suggest joining the Facebook group BrewArt owners. Also, the the app will not tell you when to the add the ingredients in what order but the 101 videos do. Just have to watch them a few times. I bet I watched them 10 times to pick up all the info. Furthermore, there are sometimes extra details for certain brewprints when you click on a specific brewprint in the store tab. Hope this helps.
  8. Stuart - I would contact BrewArt customer service and see if they have any ideas. Did you try restarting your modem/router? Maybe a firewall issue? I used to have that same router but since upgraded to Google Wifi and it connected straight away. Hope you get this figured out soon. I just got my new toys a few weeks ago and it's a blast! Already brewing my second brew. Keep us updated. Also, I would suggest joining the facebook group "BrewArt Owners". Lots of very smart people on there and that forum is way more active than this one.
  9. Not sure on that one Gerry. I would suggest joining the Facebook group "BrewArt Owners - BeerDroid and BrewFlo". Lots of smart guys on there that I bet could help you out!
  10. Hi Jason! I just finished my first brew as well and started on my second. I had the same questions. Has your droid detected fermentation yet? I actually contacted Liam from BrewArt and asked if this was normal. His explanation was this " there is no need to concerned if the elements and enhancers haven't dissolved, as long as you put he yeast in first. The way it work is, the yeast will rehydrate in the water and will start working on the sugars in the BeerDroid, once fermentation picks up it will create a vortex and mix everything together." Does this answer your question? Also, there is a group on Facebook "BrewArt Owners - BeerDroid and BrewFlo". I would suggest joining that as it way more active than these forums! Bunch of great guys and have helped tremendously.
  11. Perfect. Thank you for the reply! When I purchased the complete kegging pack I was unsure if it would come with the old system vs the new system or if the liners have all been converted over to the newer system by now. I'm guessing there is a little bit of a learning curve to all of this and will meticulously watch the videos again prior to kegging to make sure I get it right! Again - thank you for the reply!!
  12. Just purchased my BeerDroid and BrewFlo here in the US. Read a lot of old posts about beers being too heady from old keg liners. Are people noticing this has gotten better? My first BrewPrint arrives in a few days. Getting excited to try it out.
  13. New to the community and just purchased BrewDroid and BrewFlo. Interested in trying the Wicked Night Pumpkin Ale. Has anyone tried this yet? I see that you have to purchase some of your own spices as well according to the BrewPrint or did I read that wrong? I see the unit is in grams which I'm not terribly familiar with. Has anyone converted these values into teaspoons? Thanks again in advance.
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