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  1. I just finished kegging my first attempt at this brew. It has a bit of a banana aroma to it after EOF at 20 days, so I cold crashed it for about 5 days. Then I had to go out of town on business, so I left it on storage mode until day 43. It tastes good and I'm pretty sure the alcohol content is way over 8.5% now, but I like Imperials at like 10% so I don't mind that at all. One thing that did happen is that even though I opened the top and vented it right before kegging, the first keg I filled built up some kind of overpressure and started peeing around the connector at the top, spilling beer in the container external to the bag. I thought maybe I didn't have it threaded right so I was extra careful for the second keg; it started doing the same thing but I stopped it before. I had about 12oz of beer left in the droid which I promptly sampled, of course. Does this happen or am I somehow missing an O-ring or something between the keg liner and the fill cap? I figured it just was very carbonated (even though it doesn't quite taste like it) and built up a bunch of extra gas that screwed up my kegging process. I tried to vent the second one halfway through but I don't think either keg is completely filled. I'm about to toss another one and I'll buy some new brewprints and a couple additional keg housings so I can keep my BeerFlo in constant action. Looking forward to trying that out.
  2. So I’m doing my first brew with the American Pale Ale brewprint. I sanitized the machine, put in my water, yeast, elements, and enhancers and fired it off with the app. During the prolongation phase I could see the beginnings of bubbling and the ingredients stayed in top. From my reading, I understand this is what should happen. Im now on day 3. The water at the bottom has finally started to turn a bit amber. The temperature has been consistent at 63F throughout the cycle. But I’m not seeing any significant bubbling. And of course I’m not going to go opening the top and contaminate everything Is this normal for this brewprint or has my yeast committed suicide? As this is my first brew ever I don’t have any experience to compare it to. Thanks.
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