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  1. The second droid is well worth it. I was lucky enough to have someone in my area selling one, so I was the only customer. It just means for me that even during summer, I will have plenty of beer with a long secondary for enjoyment. As for winter, I just make plenty of curries, easy to prepare and easy to have some pints with, like tonight
  2. Excellent, have bout another 5 brews left in my current order so should be finished those in about 3 weeks ( 2 droids), so next order, I am going to take the plunge, not order hops sachets and go to the brew shop. Sad thing is, I reckon I am about 4 months ahead of drinking with my brewing, so aside from a sneaky bottle here and there, I won't get the full benefits for a while. Of course, summer is coming, so drinking should increase...
  3. Belgian lager is a good drop, really enjoyed that one
  4. What did you think of the Bavarian?
  5. Cool, I caught up with the Brew shop guy today and he has some pretty good hops gear. Has hops that comes in a bag that you can make your brew first then put the tea and bag in afterwards. Glad I asked you this question previously so I didn't sound like an idiot when he was explaining things to me. So, in your opinion, using fresh hops makes a noticeable difference in comparison to hops sachets? At present, with the hops sachets, I keep feeling that there should be something more, for want of a better word more "body" which is probably what my uneducated pallet probably can't define as hops yet. I mean, I really like the beer I am brewing, I just want to make it better.
  6. I guess, I am just interested to see what the difference is, whilst I do like the beers I am brewing, I am at that stage of looking for more flavour with my brew
  7. Yeah, I have had a look on Ewe Tube to see someone do the plunger hop tea thing and I guess, my question is, if you were going to put the hop tea in at the EOF, say like I do with my hops sachet, would I make the tea that morning and then fridge it?
  8. Just going into storage with this one now. One that will really surprise you though is Lawn Mower Lager, honestly has a bit of cut grass vibe to it early on and then just mellows into a very easy drinking beer as it goes along.
  9. How does this rank against Cooper pale ale? Did you prefer it?
  10. So how do you make a hop tea and then how and when do you apply it to the droid? Does it make much difference than the hops sachets, how so?
  11. As I haven't brewed with cans ever, are you just using the mixture in the can plus 10 litres of water or are you using more ingredients and different amounts of water?
  12. Each brew I do 1 keg and the rest bottles. For me, the brewflo has worked perfectly but I understand others have issues with it. I do think that somewhere in the future, I'll probably get a second droid so I will re evaluate my set up at that point, so a different kegging system may be an option then.
  13. Oh yeah, no doubt, service and delivery times are very good. I do understand what you men by monetary outlay too. I can remember years ago seeing a William Warn ( I think that is what it is) homebrew unit which is a flasher version of Brewart ( and it would want to be for 8k) so when I first saw Brewart I was really interested but it isn't sort of an impulse buy, though the cash was always there. So, it was going to happen eventually and it did, bought everything I needed and started. Thought the first brew was OK but not "Pub quality" just thought it needed more ooomph, more body but now getting into about a dozen brews< i have found much like beer from the shop, there are some I really like...and the ones I really like are figging good. I guess, you get to a point where you buy an emergency sixer drink it and think...yeah, its OK but not as good as my Belgian Lager etc etc. I know you probably have but do watch the videos on 101 before you start and ask any questions on the facebook page if you are stuck but yeah, half a dozen brews into your Brewart you will confidently think "yeah, will easily recoup this investment"
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