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  1. Now, I have plastic fantastic and a lot of 750 mi. swing tops and an assortment of Grolsch bottles but I notice that an unnamed forum member seems to have Crown seal bottles in his Mark. So, what is the benefit of Crown seal? I'm asking because I might have to come up with an idea for an Xmas present
  2. Bugger, last glass from the keg but yeah it has matured
  3. I think dry and pouches is a lot different ( even though I haven't dry hopped ). I can only state from doing a hop tea, the difference is big and from other people I have talked too, they have all said to dry hop like you do. When I used to follow the advice of pouches at storage and wait four days, the beer was missing that...certain something and when I did it a day before bottling/kegging, I could taste what was missing. Next step is dry hopping...
  4. Yeah, like this one but I'm a Czech beer fan. Probably told this story but back in the day, there was a flood in Prauge and the first thing that got moved to higher ground was the kegs. I mean, they'd take International medical help and International clean up help but no way were they drinking German beer. Says a lot about your product when the German beer is just not acceptable
  5. OK, 15 weeks into this one, still sneaking some pints out of the keg ( obviously will have a few tomorrow) and this is coming into a really nice beer. If I was to brew this again, I'd leave it for 6 months or maybe drop an X5 out of it...and leave it for 6 months. This was a shocker early on but it seems to have come into it's own, would be great around a bonfire late Autumn
  6. all good. Honestly, it is pretty hard to bugger up a brew in the droid, just sanitise the droid after cleaning and it is sweeeet
  7. OK, don't need the kit, I have it, it is nice, works a treat but I just fill from the tap. It isn't that much of a difference that I bother with the connector. If you want to wait, by all means do. To the side question, I have found with the hops pouches, you get a more pronounced hops flavour with 24 hours and it dissipates the longer it is in the droid. Pouches are different than dry hopping, which you would put in earlier (ask Mark, he dry hops, I won't pretend to know)
  8. I'd go Boho premium or Lion City but lest face it, most beers go well with spicy food...except Aztec. Just kidding, Aztec comes into it's own with Mexican
  9. Never saw this thread, can make a chunky steak pie, or with mince if you like using beer in the recipe. You can use any sort of beer but I could see how an ale or stout would give a different flavour. I'll go through my recipe notes in the next couple of days and post a recipe that uses beer, comes up alright. I should make one with my Guinness bottles and see how that goes
  10. Absolutely smashing a keg of this tonight as this is the only thing I have to relieve the pain from a day of cricket. To be honest, I think the extra X5 was not needed and probably didn't do anything great but lesson learned. Still, one of those very handy, cheap beers that takes a few wickets, keeps the runs tight but can no longer come off the long run, much like myself
  11. Darran, I know this sounds counter productive ...but...can I recommend that you go out and buy 2 or 3 slabs of beer. They will be the last you will buy but I did this after my first few brews and it allowed me to brew a few prints and get some stock with 6+ weeks behind it. Now, I'm not saying don't go nuts on your first brew and drink it because god knows two weeks secondary seems forever but it improves. My first brew was a Czech Pilsner and it was alright after 2 and a bit weeks, might have been 3 and I enjoyed having a few or more pints and was happy with it but my over riding thought was "yeah, not better than pub quality". I had a chat with Liam and he said 8 weeks was the sweet spot and I took no heed and drank my second brew, once again, nice but no banana. So, I went and bought some beer to allow some time for secondary and my next beer, an Aussie Pilsner was about 7 weeks and that was the first I thought..."yep, this purchase is worth it. Until you start using something like an IKegger and are just bottling, see if you can stretch the brew to 6-8+ weeks secondary to really enjoy the results
  12. I'd go the Stout brewprint and wait until EOF before adding peanut butter extract and some choc nibs. Probably best not to use actual peanut butter as there is a lot of oils in it but check with your local brew shop to see if they have extract of flavourings
  13. Cheers, fingers crossed then. The kegs still have 6 - 8 weeks I think so I'll keep my fingers crossed
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