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  1. 4 weeks in and a taster bottle from what was also kegged. Not bad at all, needs more time though, look forward to this out of the Brewflo
  2. So nearly six weeks in...and it's a beer. Could use a slice of lemon Nah, it's OK but nothing more, the hops have balanced out but they don't add that much to it.
  3. Keggeed this one today, reckon the second keg would be lucky to be 4 litres. Was an interesting taster I had from the droid with 25gms each of Simcoe and Galaxy
  4. Always amused by the fact the term just got adapted
  5. Can't believe I have brewed this 3 times in 3 years. I mean you have to like Hallertau hops but geez this is a very nice drop, bit of a mix of Heineken, Becks and Boags. I don't know how but it's gettingin on the rotation
  6. Dry hopped On a side note, tried a Stone and Wood Pacific Ale last night. Probably should have tried that sooner
  7. why the .5 off, is your brewing like my old English teacher who said "nobodies work is ever worth 100%"
  8. I did see you mixed it with Simcoe, how did that go
  9. Put this on last night, should i go 50gms galaxy?
  10. 5 weeks in and i had a couple of stubbies of this Thursday and they were ace but tonight, a longneck...FMD just the best
  11. I reckon I overdid this one for a while and now that I am going through some of the ales i haven't ordered it. It is a really nice drop though but hey, this is the issue with so many brewprints, you can actually really like one (like Neder and not have brewed it for a year without noticing, even Lion City I haven't done for a year
  12. I was talking to a former workmate on email about the beers I was brewing (as I had her friend have a few brews last night) and she asked me what I liked to brew and after two sentences I had to say " I could go on about this but I will stop before I bore you". It sums it up though, beforehand I could say "this beer is nice" but now I can say "this beer is nice but if you change the Saaz to Saaz with Perle, Spaalt and Tettanger and double the hops, it produces a completely differnt beer" and people just glaze over. Just next level stuff I guess
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