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  1. Liam will send you a new plug. The new ones are a bit shorter and stub bier but seem to work better
  2. When I get to EOF, I actually let my kegs sit at ready to keg for a couple of days, then let them go to storage for 3-4 days so that they can produce a clearer beer by flocculating the yeast. What I was doing was putting the hops in before it went into storage which with a liquid hops tends to give it too long before kegging...a couple of days would be far better than what I was doing. After chatting with Liam what I am now doing is the same method but putting the hops in when I kick it back out of storage, then giving it a day or so at kegging temp, which on my quick amount of research has shown to be getting the more hops flavour I was looking for. I reckon I am a good 3 or so months away from tasting beers to know whether I want to do something along the lines of a tea to boost the bitterness but yeah, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it and hopefully have a bit of a better idea of what I am looking for. What I will say though is the consistency of the head on the beer was just spot on from first pour to the last but what you saw in my picture ( albeit with a swig already out of it, so the beer wasn't to the top as it was poured) is exactly what I got every pint. I have found previously that the last pint or two have had a reduced head but the consistency on this brew was just perfect
  3. From the first pint til the last, this has been a very good keg of beer, bit more hops would have been sweet but yeah, 13 pints of deliciousness
  4. Oh yeah, like I don't feel like I am "stuck" with my system, it works well. I have read so many complaints about the flo and I just think " not here, works a treat". It has it's disadvantages but for me, it is worth it
  5. Yeah, something like a chiller may be undersold in the bottle to be honest...I will keg it one day and think "damn" but it is a very cheap way to bottle 15 long necks which may be the way to go during summer when you come home on a hot day and think "yep, some beers tonight will be the way to go". Though during summer when I hit that 16 keg target*, it may be worthwhile keeping kegs in the flo all week. I mean in a perfect world I would be doing kegs the way you do but I bought what I did and it works perfectly well, maybe not portable but I can live with that. *can see me buying 4 more kegs when that happens
  6. Yeah, that may be it, almost looks like a dark lager though? The beer itself does have a bit of sweetness to it though so it wouldn't be an X3 that caused it. Glad you liked it though, nothing worse than talking something up and someone gets it and says "yeah, that's crap" 😁
  7. Absolutely delicious, creamy head ( pro tip, don't type that phrase into google with your parents in law in the house), really happy with this. Not quite Crownie, not quite Hahn Premium but kinda a mix of them.
  8. Think I may get to the stage ( given I have a flo and 16 kegs and it works for me) of doing a lot of my brew into kegs and then having maybe 20-25% done into bottles. So I may do three brews into kegs and then do a US Chiller into bottles. I mean I like them out of bottles and it has it's place but there is the aesthetics of pouring your own pints ( which was one of the reasons I wanted this system) and I think the flavour is possibly just better.
  9. Jeez, not that dark, did you stick 3 bags of X3 in it? Seriously though, just can't remember for sure but thought it was lighter than that
  10. Drinking the keg now...that has the flavour spot on, very happy
  11. One I am drinking now is about 5.5 weeks, it was the last stubbie drawn from the keg, will wait another couple of weeks to try another stubbie, Keg is still another 6ish weeks away
  12. So, first bottle tonight of this...it was the first one that....dare i say it...did the hops correctly according to Liam ( well by using the hops pouches). It is only 5 weeks at this stage into secondary so still needs a month more development given the temperatures may be a bit suss. Still, nice beer, it put the Birra into the shade ( second bottle). To make it better the beer was part of a delicious meal. A local butcher has opened up a few doors down from my work and it is fair to say he hates vegans and doesn't want to waste his time unnecessarily cutting meat. He was out of eye fillet when I got the steaks for tonight but he did have Scotch fillet, 2 inch thick cuts, just ridiculous though getting them spot on medium rare ( was aiming rare but it ain't easy) so am in a very happy place. There is no way I am letting this youngfella ( the butcher) not succeed in his business venture
  13. Hmmm, one droid at 24, one at 22. Competitive bastards
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