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  1. Long weekend, good enough excuse to drink on a Sunday. So in my town, we no longer have railway service so after years of the old railway station falling into disrepair and looking, well crap, they decided to make it an open space parkland. Probably spent 5 million getting this done and boy, did people complain about the money spent but before they did it, the place was a bitumised wasteland that looked like a place you would get robbed in. Now, it is mad into an open space with a nature playground (that I just don't get but kids love it so that is all that matters) and a few free BBQ areas. So, had planned to take the family there this arvo for a BBQ and thought " can I have a few brews there or is the area dry?"...luckily, I thought this at about 4.45pm on Friday so I rang the council and they gave me two thumbs up to drink and BBQ...and I did. Just saying, my last stubbie of Belgian lager was brilliant. So, this is the place anyways, give in mind that it is about a kilometre long and about 200 metres wide
  2. Still happy to report we did miss finals. Hopefully nobody protests any results and I can get onto other pursuits, drinking cooking and...
  3. Just looked at the bowling figures, in fact 4-38, pretty happy with that
  4. We missed out on 4th by 1 point. I'd like to say I'm devo but yeah, going out to lunch with the good wife next Saturday (if she gets up in time for lunch) so there is that. On the positive today though, took 3-34 off 10 overs and had two direct hit run outs, which is pretty sweet for a 51 year old man. Bloody smart arsed kids thinking they can take me on...I mean, I am slower, my arm isn't what it once was but geez kids I was a gun fielder when I was in my teens/early 20s, no easy singles my way...even now
  5. I know, it appears he hasn't been aboot the forum for a few days
  6. How old is your phone. I mean sometimes your phone may have an old version of android which then won't allow you to download the app
  7. Should get to bottle this tonight, so interested to see what it is like when I take a taste. Brewshop guy wanted me to try Lemondrop hops instead of citra but I went traditional. In saying that though, Lemon drop hops look like something I may start putting into my lagers for a different flavour.
  8. I know, it was first thought too
  9. Nope beardy boy, you can cough up a couple extra droids before the freebie
  10. I'd like to think that Brewart might start a loyalty program like my local coffee shop does and when you but 5, the 6th droid is free
  11. What does the rolled oats add to it? and does having rolled oats in it make it a "breakfast beer"?
  12. Hi Pat, sorry I didn't notice this post beforehand. I too had similar issues to begin with (particuarly the fear of losing the small parts). What I did after my first two kegs was to muck around with all the parts, putting the hose as far into the elbow connectors as it would go, so I would recognise the click that signalled that was where it meant to go. I also mucked around with fitting the connector onto the tap and feeling the connecting click. The connecting click is the second click not the first when you are connecting to the tube, the tap, the filling cap. I also wasted a keg liner practicing non stop until I got screwing the cap onto it. All up I probably spent between 30-60 mins doing that but it meant that when I was kegging, I was confident in that part, so I wasn't worrying about every part of the process. To minimise my fears about losing small parts, I made it a bit of a ritual when it came to kegging. This meant that I was doing the same thing in the same way each time. I would lay out a towel on the kitchen bench ( preferably not one you've just dried yourself with :)) then disassemble every part, taking time to spray them with sanatiser. I would let them dry and then I would put the small parts back into the caps and construct those parts. Then I would connect the cap to the keg liner and check it was on even, then I would connect the hose to the elbow joints and finally the filling cap. That part of it is really hard for me because at the best of times I have the attention span of Homer Simpson, so being that structured was an effort...and to a point, I really didn't enjoy kegging because I had to observe structure and adhere to it but you know, pay off in 6-8 weeks with delicious cheap beer. I understand what you say about spending a fair chunk of coin putting this system in place ( I did too) but given you have, it would be remiss of you not to do some practicing outside of actual kegging, do some trial runs so when the time comes, you can feel a little more relaxed about the process and have a solid method that will bring you some satisfaction that has no beer on the floor ( which is worth crying over) and it all inside the liner.
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