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  1. That is the hassle, isn't it? I was asked to name my top 5 before and i couldn't even get Belgian Lager in there, Brewart is just ridiculous sometimes
  2. Another one of these started tonight, will be going the 30gms dry hopped again. Do get a bit miffed when a local cafe that brews its own beer, sells it's pale that tastes pretty similar for a tenner a longneck
  3. 3 weeks in...pretty much my fav brew in the range, probably needs a week or two but just damn, a delicious brew
  4. I am the only one drinking beer in my house and I grabbed a second droid just to make sure I could increase output when needed. You so need a second droid it is not funny...it's what tax returns are for...
  5. Yeah, still pretty happy with this beer, nice malt taste to it with a touch of...maybe cinamon would be my guess. It is very subtle though
  6. When it got back to RTK, i was OMW (on my way) so it got bottled this arvo. Will be interesting to see how this comes out given it was four days dry hopping, still this has got me around that 7 or 8 weeks stock which is nice. I think next order I am going to get some stouts and ales going to brew in December and have during winter
  7. Actually looking forward to doing this the next time with hops, in saying that though, dead set good $17 beer
  8. Ha, so woke up, pretty good, had breakfast, went to work, pretty good, then 10.30am came about and did not feel good. People wanted my time...nope...sat at a desk pretending to pay attention to a computer until 12.30 when I could go to a cafe and get a very handy Snitz and chips ( no beer...,apparently drinking, on a hangover, at work is frowned upon now...bloody fun police). Not sure how much I drank last night but the consensus is leaning towards the "too much" side
  9. Obviously I meant sweet spot, not wet spot...JFC FML 😬
  10. 6 weeks in and I have snuck a couple of stubbies from 4 weeks...6 may just be the weetspot on this. Not to say week four or five weren't very enjoyable but damn, will definitely brew this again
  11. Red wine, wheat beer...work could be an issue tomorrow
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