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  1. Damn it, still hasn't got to RTK How long is too long to leave the hops in?
  2. Just ticked over, will keg and bottle tomorrow and then let it sit for three months, I really liked this one as it got older, it lost its wheat taste but what it morphed into was one of those beers you can smash a keg over.
  3. Nearly 11 daysbrewing now, surely tonight is the night. It has been sitting around 17 or 18 for the last five days so it can't be too far away... Given I thought Friday was the day it'd turn over to ready to keg, I dry hopped early thinking to myself " then I can do that for 2 days and fill some bottles Sunday night", so even if it goes through tonight, might leave the hop ball in for a third day (10gs each of Hersbrucker and Saaz) and then leave the brew til Tuesday to bottle
  4. In a perfect world, I would have known more about home brewing before I went and purchased. That would have allowed me to buy a fridge to fit four ten litre kegs in it and I would pressure charge my brews. That is from a practical sense and also from a show sense, you could have folk around, or you could take a keg with you to a party ( well at least I saw that with I Kegger As it is though, apart from getting onto bottle capping a bit late, I'm not having that much of an issue, I can drink it a bit younger or let it stretch to see how it goes. I have gone back to carb drops on both kegs and bottles, they just work better and I'm not fussed that it is a few cents extra at this stage. To point 4 though, it is one that has had me scratching my head since I started brewing. I can see how flavours change and become different from different stages of secondary. How does the brewer ( for example a Crown Lager) have it at that same taste for basically a year until it will then start to show some signs of changing. There must be some preservatives and stabilising agents in the brew to help achieve that consistency the whole way through. In saying that though, I have had a Coopers Vintage when it first came out and one from the same carton 18 months after and there was a fair difference in that.
  5. Bloody hell. Lets say it was a manufacturing fault as mine have been pretty solid so far ( touch wood)
  6. Think I have this on the next order
  7. So, in the name of experimentation, I have left this beer for near 14 weeks to see how it goes. Now I love this beer at about 6-7 weeks, just like Birra but I wanted to see where it ends up. So at 14 weeks it has really rounded itself off, the fruit is still there, the hops has died off a bit but I think I dry hopped with Saaz instead of Galaxy hops, so that may have contributed to it ( may have mixed both in, I don't know, maybe I should keep notes...;) .) Still, what a drop, if you got a pint of this at a pub, you'd be handing the keys to the missus saying "you're driving home" and waiving away her feeble excuses like "but I don't have a licence" as you settled in for the long haul
  8. You have to test. I always bottle half, keg half, that way you get an idea of how it improves as it ages. Lagers generally drink better younger and ales longer but it isn't a hard and fast rule. I will say the advice of give it two weeks secondary...was probably done by an alcoholic. It improves as it ages but it is good if you bottle half, to have a bottle each week to gain a knowledge of how it improves.
  9. APA is a great brew, if you are bottling or using the Brewflo, then give it six weeks in secondary fermentation. You can drink at two weeks but it is better to give it another months time on top
  10. If it makes you feel better, I have really, really stuffed up some brews ( and you will too) but even the ones I stuffed up turned out pretty good. I posted one from last week with a brew I made where I did everything wrong...and it was quite enjoyable
  11. Hey mate, FE is it is checking for fermentation and end of fermentation. It will do this once a day at the same time for an hour and then it will say "Ready to keg", from day 6 onwards (ish) which is when you can put the hops in for a day or two, if you have the hop pouches with the brewkit. I'd leave it for two days and then keg or bottle. Do watch the 101 videos on how to keg or bottle, or if you have questions, fire them up on the forum. Just quietly, I wouldn't be letting the missus off the hook just yet
  12. ask Liam to send out spears for the old ones, then the kegs can be used
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