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  1. So are you saying that the pressure pushed the collar up?
  2. Bugger, lucky for me I do live in a pretty mild location, even when it gets hot during the day it cools right down at night. The worst temp my house gets to is 26. In saying that though being a fair wine drinker during my 20s and 30s, finding a location in the centre of the house like a linen cupboard is good as a location where the temperature stays constant. If that isn't an option, might have to look at the Missus and say "been thinking we need a cellar"...
  3. yep 8gms each of the others, 10 of Saaz but i will be mucking around with those ratios a lot in the next year
  4. 7 weeks in, pretty good comparison to Boags Premium. Not quite there but not that far away
  5. Skip to the 2 minute mark otherwise you get all the back story...and aren't they always fun to hear? Anyways, the beer magician
  6. Can report that this is a ripper at 10 weeks, go as far as to use the word "sweetspot"
  7. Last one at 10 weeks...It's sad but it was saved for a good day. Really is nothing like it in bought beers that I can think of, which is a damned pity...or not.
  8. Hi Andy, glad it has worked out well. There is a lot of waiting until you can drink the first brew, so to come out with a smile on your face, that's good news.
  9. Like as in "no" for Captain Three Droids but yes to everyone else...or just no?
  10. Second time drinking this, it is the depth of flavour now in the beer that has me really happy. Reckon this is a dead set 12 months of experimenting to get the hop mix right ( and the only way to tell is to do exhaustive research) but you can actually tell the three different hops flavours in the mouth. Think the added variety of hops brings this closer to the Czech beers I like ( not that there is anything wrong with just Saaz) so reasonably stoked with this and gven it is about 5 weeks, interested to see it develop
  11. Good night though, sausage rolls ( didn't get enough, bloody kids ) a Czech, Aus Prem, a Boho and a pale stubbie
  12. A bit different to the usual Czech Pils, has a bit more bitterness but with a touch of fruit flavour. Sadly, a few sips in, I got stuck into some home made sausage rolls and the tom sauce splayed the tastebuds but I'll have a couple of those, for the getting older day on Friday.
  13. 4 weeks in...very happy with the results so far, be interesting to see where this gets at 6 weeks.
  14. There is a community suggestions thread in Brewart Banter, the guys will read that one if you have a suggestion or you can tag them with Brewart with an @ at the front
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