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  1. Man and his wife getting dressed to go out to a diner party The wife asks the question we all fear "Does my bum look big in this"* The husband says "If I say something, do you promise not to hold it against me and bring it up every time we have an argument"? The wife says "Yeah, Ok, I promise" and the Husband says "I shagged your sister" *Now, for those thinking this is a death question with no right answer...there is. If a woman asks you whether her butt looks big in the skirt, jeans, six man tent she has put on, she knows already, her butt looks big in it, but it isn't her butts fault, it's the skirt, dress, jeans, dome tent... So, say this, either one or two things> If you truly believe it isn't making her butt look big...tell her, be honest and FFS don't have a smirk. If it does though, say this "That skirt/jeans etc...does not flatter you". Keep it simple, it does not flatter her...then it is the jeans/skirts fault. I mean, as a man it is the difference in how you look in a $159 suit off the rack, compared to a tailor made $600 suit. One makes you look like you are going to court, one makes you look like you are going to court, to defend a high profile client
  2. I did like the "He has a few scotches and didn't realise how strong they were" Mate, he was in his undies, staggering the street at dawn...and he is what, 29...not realising how strong the alcohol is excuse, becomes void at 21
  3. We were invited to join "their " competition, which they renamed. It is still their competition based on the "50 year deal" for the GF which was worked out with the CEO of just one club at the table ( no prizes for guessing that he really is everywhere)
  4. 7 weeks in now, lost a touch of the bitterness that it had early, so my belief is this is best drunk between 4-6 weeks. In saying that though, still a cracking beer
  5. He is. It was his criticism at the Crows that he wouldn't get fit enough, wouldn't take rehab seriously and then when we came knocking for Gibbs, SOS said how much he thought Gov was worth and his agent said "how much". On the positive, I think this is the last year you guys are paying him a little north of 900k
  6. My buttons work fine but I have the premium forum pack
  7. So all of my results have come in and apparently, I have "bad cholesterol" and I am like " crap, I eat pretty well and do 200k on a bike each week", I am stuffed. The doc said "no, you just have to take a pill for the rest of your life and you'll be fine". Stupidly, I talk to Mrs C, who I should because she has PHDs in Biology (2 because she couldn't laud it over me with just the one) but shouldn't because she is so caustic and say " I have to take a pill for the rest of my life" and she says "yeah, welcome to my world numb nuts"
  8. I don't know Paul, with the amount of fetish stuff on the net, Ginger merkins* could be the next big thing. *I can't be the only one laughing at the thought of Mark looking up "Merkins" on the internet
  9. If it makes you feel better, I have done dry July too, not for a special cause, more to shut Mrs C up about my drinking. It didn't work
  10. OK, so this is half Hersbrucker, half Saaz. One or the other. I mean it is still a nice beer and I will finish it off but it has a foot in both camp, like one of those "I'm on the fence voters"...you're not on the fence, you just haven't paid attention for the last 4 years"
  11. Dry July sucks...I mean doing it on a 31 day month, sheer madness. Anyways, the cause is very close to my heart, so you're a bit closer now to the goal, hopefully you double it If @Barrelboy sells his beard for merkins, you'll smash it out the park
  12. Close to 7 weeks in and this is sensational, really nice bitterness to it, fresh and crisp. I'd post a picture but I am in a good place with a pint and just can't be arsed frankly.
  13. I had placed a big order at the beginning of the year and then when Italy and Spain had basically gone into lock down, I thought I can handle being forced to stay at home for a long stretch but if I run out of beer I'll be a bit narky...so I placed another order. Some people stripped the shelves of toilet paper and dettol, I bought hops and plenty of brewart ingredients
  14. Finally did a stock take on what I had left and then had a muck around on the shem sheet to see what I could make out of ingredients. Pretty happy with the line up as I was able to squeeze another Pale Ale into the line up with the rest being lagers. Still, 13 quality beers still to be made until the next order
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