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  1. I had been a sporadic home brewer for years prior to buying a droid but have since brewed a little more frequently, testament to how easy the system is and how good the beers are i guess. I bought a couple of Brewprints early to try the system but haven't used them since as (a) i bottle so don't need the priming pouches and (b) its cheaper to buy other stuff separately, either from Brewart or the home brew store. I have done brews using all Brewart ingredients through to all grain brews where i have used no Brewart ingredients in the droid. Generally though I use the Elements and Enhancers as the base for the recipe but add speciality grains and hop pellets as it provides a good balance of improving the beers greatly whilst not being too tricky or time consuming. I also generally brew hop heavy beers and have found the hop oils from brewart to not have the impact i want.
  2. Hi Mark I didn't try it on the advice of Liam. He said that that the priming pouch would need to be stirred in and that would risk unsettling the yeast cake and if it was just left to settle in the droid it would likely drop to the bottom, making carbonation uneven, and as a result he didn't recommend using them. He did however suggest that if you have some they make good sugar syrups for cocktails so i used mine for some rather nice whiskey sours and stopped buying the prints. Hugh
  3. Has anyone tried using the Brewprint Priming pouches to bulk prime a brew prior to bottling? I only recently bought a Droid and grabbed some Brewprints to try it out and rather than waste the priming pouches i thought i could use them to bulk prime, just wondering if anyone has done this? Cheers
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