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  1. No issues here, 6 batches down and about to the begin the 7th, given what I've read before I keep an eye on it with no issues at present luckily. I feel for those experiencing issues but Stuart mentioned support is top notch and will hopefully get it sorted.
  2. Certainly nothing to worry about at all, I haven't had one come out nice and clear out as yet, completely normal and by the picture again completely normal. You'll be amazed the difference leaving it to condition for a number of weeks, wouldn't think its the same thing that came out.
  3. Fancy seeing you here Deeks' ;)

    1. Deeks


      Yeah you too ?

    2. Darren Keech

      Darren Keech

      Of course :) It has a real official feel about it :D

    3. Deeks


      It will be good to be able to get some support from BrewArt on here instead of having to email tech support.

      I was actually trying to change my forum name to Deeks on here in the account settings but it wouldn't let me so I guess I'll just have to use my real name ?

  4. I'll second all of the above, I'm forever hitting the the change target temp Even removing a brew, I started one by accident when I first got the unit so I knew what to expect but now find I can't remove it.
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