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  1. Hey everyone, Liam has sent me the latest version. It doesn't include XPA, Kremlin, and Pineapple Crush but it has the ones I needed!!! Thanks Liam. BrewFlo Interchangeable Font Tops-AU.pdf
  2. Not exactly. One of the forums has a PDF available that are the decals that you cut out to put into the tap on the BrewFlo. I was looking for an updated version that included the newer Brew Prints.
  3. Hi - is there a new PDF of the Brew Print decals available? The one I have doesn't include the newer Brew Prints. Thanks.
  4. Hi - thanks for the reply. Not exactly what I was after as I didn't want to delete the keg, just mark it as consumed. If I delete it, do I lose its history? Anyway, sounds like there is no concept of marking it as consumed and delete is the only option (currently).
  5. Hi - maybe a dumb question but...when you look at the "kegs" tab on the "shelf", how do you mark a keg as "consumed" (ie. we drank it)? At the moment, all my kegs have green circles around them, indicating that they are ready to be consumed but I can't find a way to say that they are gone.
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