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  1. Hi @BrewArt Team - is there an ETA on the app update (just to set my expectations)? It's slightly annoying that I can't see the notifications from my BeerDroid simply because I don't have an iPhone... Thanks.
  2. OK, so if we can't stay logged in to the app, does anyone know the criteria for being logged out? Is it time based, closing the app, rebooting your phone etc that causes you to be logged out? Do the app developers read this forum at all?
  3. I have a Samsung Android phone and I also keep getting logged out. On the Android version of the app, there is no "stay logged in" option on the login screen. Has anyone found a way to stay logged in to the app (on Android)? I also seem to be missing any notifications from the app (eg. fermentation complete). Notifications are enabled for the app and I have tried removing and reinstalling the app. Notifications used to work. Do you need to be logged in to the app to receive the notifications? I guess these problems may be related.
  4. Hi - Liam kindly sent this through today - an updated PDF!!! Thanks Liam. BrewFlo Interchangeable Font Tops-AU (updated Aug 19).pdf
  5. Hey everyone, Liam has sent me the latest version. It doesn't include XPA, Kremlin, and Pineapple Crush but it has the ones I needed!!! Thanks Liam. BrewFlo Interchangeable Font Tops-AU.pdf
  6. Not exactly. One of the forums has a PDF available that are the decals that you cut out to put into the tap on the BrewFlo. I was looking for an updated version that included the newer Brew Prints.
  7. Hi - is there a new PDF of the Brew Print decals available? The one I have doesn't include the newer Brew Prints. Thanks.
  8. Hi - thanks for the reply. Not exactly what I was after as I didn't want to delete the keg, just mark it as consumed. If I delete it, do I lose its history? Anyway, sounds like there is no concept of marking it as consumed and delete is the only option (currently).
  9. Hi - maybe a dumb question but...when you look at the "kegs" tab on the "shelf", how do you mark a keg as "consumed" (ie. we drank it)? At the moment, all my kegs have green circles around them, indicating that they are ready to be consumed but I can't find a way to say that they are gone.
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