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  1. At Kegging temperature - 18°. And they are at room temperature for a few weeks (20°) and then when we leave on vacation they sit for a few months at 16°. I took extra care last brew and this brew that everything is tight. Will reply when I put this keg in the BrewFlo in a few months. I might even get my partner to check in a few weeks after conditioning while I am away at work.
  2. Unfortunately I have had: Brew 1 - Super foamy. But I hadn’t sealed the keg liner properly and beer escaped between the threads. Brew 2 and Brew 3 (This one) - no beers escape but the beer is super flat. No head. No fizzy mouth feel. Have just put Brew 4 in the kegs. Won’t be back home until either July or September, so it will be a while before I know how this turns out.
  3. I know this is an old thread, but it’s what came up in Google Search. Third batch (American Pale Ale) for me, and same issue - flat beer from the kegs. Pretty sure everything is nice and tight. Next batch will be Coopers, and I’ll be on the keg spears for the first time. Hope to get better results.
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