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  1. Hey Mark, thanks for the reply. I’ve now got the droid hooked up. Like my TV it was having the same problems. Once I changed my router DNS settings it was up and running. That makes sense about the display. By far would be drawing the most power. Im now sipping an early draw of the American Pale Ale. 11 days in secondary. It’s okay.
  2. Hi all, I bought a Beerdroid from HN exactly two weeks ago today. I only bought the droid and not the flow. So on that Friday afternoon I set in motion the American Pale Ale that came with the droid. Went on a short holiday and came back on Monday night and it was ready to keg. Tasted it on Tuesday night - quite dark and very bitter. Bottled it that night with two carbonation drops per bottle. Hoping it tastes okay in a couple of weeks. My tap water is pretty bad so I'm thinking I may need to buy a ten litre carton of water for future brews? I pressed the button to move from storage mode to keg mode but is it possible to do a cold crash kegging without having to go back to keg mode temp? I tried and tried to connect the unit to my wifi but it just wouldn't work. That said my TV also won't connect any more so it's probably a modem problem more than the Beerdroid. Currently have a Monarch Lager brewing which has been fermenting for one day. Anyone know how much power these units draw?
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