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  1. Hi all,

    I bought a Beerdroid from HN exactly two weeks ago today. I only bought the droid and not the flow. So on that Friday afternoon I set in motion the American Pale Ale that came with the droid. Went on a short holiday and came back on Monday night and it was ready to keg. Tasted it on Tuesday night - quite dark and very bitter. Bottled it that night with two carbonation drops per bottle. Hoping it tastes okay in a couple of weeks. My tap water is pretty bad so I'm thinking I may need to buy a ten litre carton of water for future brews?

    I pressed the button to move from storage mode to keg mode but is it possible to do a cold crash kegging without having to go back to keg mode temp?

    I tried and tried to connect the unit to my wifi but it just wouldn't work. That said my TV also won't connect any more so it's probably a modem problem more than the Beerdroid.

    Currently have a Monarch Lager brewing which has been fermenting for one day. 

    Anyone know how much power these units draw?


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