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  1. Going good right now.

    Only issue since the original superdud Droid has been the chrome finish peeling from the tap.

    Brews going well, hasn't been a problem and the Droid has not stopped apart from kegging and sanitising.

    Fingers  crossed I won't experience some of the horror stories that others have had.

    As I just posted on the other BrewArt forum, I think I'm over 3.5K investment in this system now, counting kegs and consumables, so I'm certainly fully committed and hope to hell that the issues that are arising are addressed and the system gets a wide take up to ensure it's future,

    Im not comfortable creating my own recipes from non BrewArt ingredients, so Brewart needs to survive.

  2. Wow.

    I thought, how good does that look?

    Pride of place, nothing could beat it......

    But then I saw it out of the corner of my eye......just a small part of the overall thing, but enough to show me that the BrewArt was not the best thing in that picture.

    Can you guess what I saw?

    Let's just say that when you find it it will stand out like Black & White.

    Good man!

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