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  1. Black airline will not connect

    Good in the end. I contacted Brewart and spoke to Liam. There was a mixup with the elbow sent to me. If anyone else has this problem the first thing to check is if your elbow connector says "Air" or "A1. If it says anything else it is for the beer line. Mine said "Beer" which Liam said he has only experienced twice before in two years. Liam sent out an Air connector and it connects. I only got this on Friday and I was away on the weekend so I have not had a chance to test the brew yet, but it does connect and I am feeling a lot better about the product. Kudos for the support from Liam and Brewart.
  2. Black airline will not connect

    As far as I can tell the two elbow connecting to the kegs are the same. The end connecting to the machine and the airline is a bit longer. Reversing the direction of the elbow does not allow the lid to close and does not click in properly either.
  3. Black airline will not connect

    Hi Mark. Thanks for the reply. The longer part of the elbow fits to the actual Brewflo but the shorter part of the elbow won't click to the black connector of the keg.
  4. Hi all I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have created my first brew and have placed it in the Beerflo. Problem is the orange connector easily connects to the beerline but there is no way the airline will click in the black connector. Any ideas? I have tried two kegs and neither will connect. I can see the "triangle" on the black valve piece in both the orange and black connector. Anything obvious I am doing wrong? I have watched all the videos. Secondary fermentation is two weeks but it is colder here in Tassie. Would that affect the connecting of the airline? Thanks for your time.