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  1. Thanks Mark. Yes, the sludge is in the bottom of the droid. I have cleaned it well and sanitized before starting the pineapple ale. I had a sample of my very first brew before bottling and it was not bad, I am hoping after secondary fermentation it will improve.
  2. I am brewing an American pale ale that came with. I have just bottled it. It looked a little cloudy and there was sludge left in the bottom. Is that normal? i have just started a pineapple ale. Thank you for you advice.
  3. Do I use the primer and the carbonation pills when bottling, or is it just one or the other?
  4. Thank you for the link/info Mark. I got the brew started last night (finally) and ordered two more.
  5. I have an American Pale Ale that came with my droid. I have not brewed anything yet. Are there instructions for the recipe anywhere that will tell me what to add and when? I am totally lost.
  6. Are there instructions anywhere telling me what to add and when? My droid came with an American Pale Ale kit but there are no instructions of any kind.
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