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  1. Hi Mark, Everything going great with brewing. Have had great success with each brew art brew print I've brewed thus far. Really enjoying this home made brew and the labor is minimal which I also appreciate. Placed on Amazon wish list Coopers ingredients for stout you recommended. Was just getting ready to purchase when I received several new brew prints from my daughters for my birthday so thought I should run through those first. Hope your brewing is also going well. Cheers Dave
  2. Sounds good! Two questions: 1.) In the U.S. looks like I have to buy Coopers on Amazon. They recommend the #2 Enhancer when I purchase both the Irish Stout and the Dark Ale Malt, should I go ahead and get it? 2.) Do I need to add anything like sucralose to the kegs like with the Brew Art brew prints before I fill them for secondary fermentation? Thanks Mark.
  3. Hey Mark. Brewing is going good. I have consumed the first keg of American Pale Ale, it turned out better than I expected (I let it sit for a bit more than 3 weeks in secondary fermentation). I have also kegged a batch of the Four Leaf Stout which is ready to consume now but I'm letting it ferment a bit longer. Both the droid and brew flow worked perfectly for me, no problems. I am getting the hang of it and the process is really quite easy. I will be brewing my third batch soon: Polski Baltic Porter. Ready for experimenting after that so whenever your ready to share I'm ready. Hope your brewing is also going well, later.
  4. Thanks again Mark. Great advice for a newbie like me, I'll follow it. Talk to you later, cheers!
  5. I unpacked both BeerDroid and BrewFlo and neither had leaked any oil, not even an oil smell. After waiting > 48 hrs. I turned on the BeerDroid and all is well, so far. Was able to connect to wifi and upgrade firmware. Probably start my first brew tomorrow. It will be the American Pale Ale supplied with the Droid. While that's brewing I'll order some more brewprints. Porters and stouts are my favorite (actually, I haven't met a beer I didn't like) but getting to be summer here so will order some lighter brews also. Any recommendations? I'm a first time brewer. While I've wanted to attempt brewing over the years the old school method just seemed too overwhelming. When I saw this, I decided to give it a try. I may indeed reach out to you for advice in the future Mark, appreciate it. I'd like to be able to brew custom brews sourcing my own ingredients some day. I would love to learn how to make a chocolate peanut butter porter. Thanks.
  6. Thanks Mark. I'll follow your recommended course of action. I'm sure everything will likely be Okay. Can't wait to start brewing,
  7. Hi, new BeerDroid and BrewFlow owner, just arrived today. I haven't opened the boxes yet. I noticed after the FedEx driver departed, both cardboard outer boxes were all black on the "side" of the boxes from laying/sliding around on the floor of at least one truck, and maybe more, even though the boxes were clearly marked not to lay on the side, keep upright. The 101 videos state never lay boxes on the side, keep upright as laying them on their side could cause damage to the compressors. Should I be worried about damage to the compressors? Anyone else have this problem with shipping? Did your equipment still work fine after you opened it and used it? Am I too worried about the video warning? Thanks, Dave.
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