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  1. When I get around to doing my next order I shall add Liam's tweaked recipe to the list.
  2. Yes it went down a treat, with even the non-beer drinkers giving it the thumbs up.
  3. Poured a trial Cal Steam from the brewflow. Foam head was fine. Beer seems to come out slow but I am not sure if that is normal or not. Carbonation still a bit low but that obviously has nothing to do with the flo. Taste is good.
  4. Haha - based on that list of kit, the cost, the cleaning and me not having space for much then yes
  5. No unit is fine - assuming it lasts. Easy to fix the leaky keg lines. So really you plug everything in and turn on - job done. I was under the impression that co2 kegging wasn’t too $$ but then recalled your earlier post on this thread.
  6. Yeah I will just see how it goes. Given it is second hand Unit it was no where near as $$ as a new one and I don’t know that I would stump up for a new unit. Probably go the route of co2 if it is problematic which is not too expensive and purely mechanical.
  7. Got home just now and have put one of the California Steam Ales in the Brewflow. Two leaking keg lines later (fixed with another overly large zip tie) and the keg is now chilling and be reading to test tomorrow.
  8. Yeah I have to agree that they are expensive and from the videos I watched on YT very hands on and time intensive - which is something I don’t want brewing to be for me anyway.
  9. Yep it should be good by now. I will chill the keg down when back home next week so should be good for the weekend. Will keep you updated
  10. Hi Mark, How does one go about joining the coopers club to obtain even a few more $$ savings? Is it as simple as creating an account? Cheers Terry
  11. Hi Mark, Thanks and I shall grab some keg lube when next at the LBS. I keep forgetting to put it on my list but it is on there now. Cheers Terry
  12. Hi Mark, I might have to try that one myself - not only sounds like it will be a refreshing drop but also mid-range alcohol %. On a side not I am just kegging the Irish Red and notice the droid drain plug has deteriorated further - to the point and a slow dripping leak. Out with the plumbing tape and I might drop Liam an email and ask about purchasing a few spares. Cheers Terry
  13. Hi Mark. Both great ideas and definitely worth pursuing. I had thought of a heat mat but wasn’t sure if it was up to the job. Funny enough I received a temp too high from the monitor I have in the room I currently store the beer in!!. Sunny day here and the glass sliding doors have allowed for beautiful warmth inside. Cheers Terry
  14. Hi Mark All bottles and kegs are in cardboard boxes. i could try the esky with perhaps a water bottle in each night... kicking myself as a couple of weeks ago my in-laws fridge died and I took it to the tip. Would have made the perfect esky
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