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  1. I should add that I used the manual setup procedure as described in the “how to” videos on the BrewArt website or App....
  2. Yeah from what my friend said it sounded like it was more expensive. Also single use so not great cost wise nor environmentally. My friend has no kids so has the funds and time to spend mastering his not small investment in brewing kit. On a side note he has also built his own astronomical observatory in his backyard. Complete with done and large enough to sit.... he has way too much spare time.
  3. You may recall I put one of these on a few weeks and and kegged it a week ago. I am looking forward to trying it and will aim to give it 4 weeks in secondary.
  4. It took me several attempts to connect my droid to wifi (trying auto and manual connections). Note the droid only operates on 2.4ghz (confirmed by Liam). I assume your ssid for 2.4ghz is broadcasting? Let us know how it goes. Cheers Terry
  5. Just wondering if anyone has tried canning their beer rather than bottling? If so what equipment was used and how successful was it? A friend in mine, who is an avid brewer, has a canning setup and his first several attempts at canning resulted in a rather messy garage.
  6. My California Steam Ale was ready for kegging and I completed that yesterday. It was a bit or trial and error setting up the brewart kegs and liners but I think I mostly succeeded (but wont know until a taste test in a months time). Cleaning out the droid and I removed the tap and the red seal had partially disintegrated already, so very thankful that Liam had sent me a new one. I have put an Aztec on now, so delayed the trying of canned extract a bit longer....
  7. Moved the bottled brew to warmer room - currently sitting at 19.2c.
  8. The link below discusses a simple calculation that includes calculating abv when diluting beer after fermentation. Not sure that it applies to diluting pre fermentation so will keep looking. Interesting read though https://beerandwinejournal.com/cv-equation/
  9. Makes sense to be after carbonation as otherwise the advertised abv would be a bit misleading and I cant see the lawyers at Coopers allowing that... 😆
  10. Hi Mark. I knew the extra bit of fermentation would add to the abv, just surprised that it adds 1-2%. So my next question is with brewprints is the advertised abv at the end of primary or secondary fermentation? I would assume secondary. Cheers Terry
  11. Hi Mark. Thanks for that and I will look to pick one up given they aren’t too expensive. Re taking a measurement after carbonation are you indicating that carbonation adds 1-2% to the abv? I am still away for work but according to the BrewArt app my steam ale is chugging its way through fermentation. Cheers Terry
  12. ... continuing on. So is there any stage when you could take an accurate OG? For example once fermentation is detected.
  13. Hi Mark That makes sense and explains why I was skeptical about being able to take the OG of brewprints. Learning as I go... cheers Terry
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