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  1. and I will be interested to see how the Californian Steam Ale has matured.
  2. I have not yet tried the Coopers Dark Ale as yet. It has now had 23 days in secondary bottle ferment so probably due for a sample. I also have a 5l keg of California Steam Ale (127 days in keg) 2 x 5l kegs of Beer Italia, 1 x keg of Coopers Session Ale + 6 Bottles (no hops in bottles as I am a tit) - 77 days old. I will probably give them all a run over Christmas.
  3. ... work has been hectic but now that It has slowed down a little I have a bit more free time to read other posts across the forum and catch up on what has been discussed..,
  4. Hi Mark well I’m an idiot and apologies for my mistake! I didn’t cold crash the beer Italia so will see how that goes...cheers Terry
  5. Hi Rob, Thanks for the good advice. So if not using co2 is there anything to be done to get more yeast in suspension (stir a bit and wait for it to settle)? Cheers Terry
  6. Hi Rob, Yes 14 days seems like a stretch but not unheard of on the forums. I have a Tall Tale Pale Ale fermenting now and kegged the Beer Italia yesterday. Off topic a bit, but on the faceplant Beer Droid group a few contributed low carbonation to leaving the brew in storage and then bringing back to "kegging" phase prior to kegging/bottling. What they didn't elaborate on is whether it was the cold storage or not giving the yeast long enough to mix and somewhat activate with the warmer beer prior to bottling.... Cheers Terry
  7. M y Brewprint Steam Ale, Irish Red Ale and a Winter Dark Ale from a tin of Mr Beer have been the winners so far from the droid. The Aztec Cerveza was ok but nothing to write home about.
  8. Hi Mark, Yes fermentation was detected (a bit early if anything) and the smell on day 3 is just lovely....
  9. Yes it is on my list to do again. I have a coopers dark ale fermenting at the moment. Hopefully it will be ok as I added one of the malt packets prior to the yeast....
  10. Hi Mark. How do you store the remaining half tin of the coopers can? Cheers Terry
  11. … Now there's an idea. ☺️
  12. I just bottled the same cider recipe Rob mentions above. It took 21 days to finish fermenting then as per instructions I gave it at least a week in storage mode and bottled it yesterday. I plan to follow the recommendation of allowing at least 2 months in secondary fermentation, so it should be ready around Christmas/New Year. Only downside to brewing the cider is it takes the Droid offline for a month at least so eats into my beer brewing (I don't have the luxury of 2 droids)…. Cheers Terry
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