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  1. Last call, I'm going to recycle the BrewFlo if no takers by end of this week (27 July). Also, I'm willing to ship just the Kegging Packs within US or CA if anyone is interested in taking them off my hands.
  2. Unfortunately, this is the North American version of the BrewFlo and requires 120V AC (see attached rating label). You'd need a beefy voltage converter and even then it's no telling how the compressors will fare over the long run. I did go ahead and estimate freight charges alone: roughly US$210.
  3. Hi all, I was an early Kickstarter for the BrewArt complete system. I really like the BeerDroid, and will be keeping it to ferment wort from my new Pico Z. However, I have not had very good luck with the BrewFlo. I've lost approx 40% of my kegged beer due to various problems with the keg hardware and liners, (both original and new "spear" versions). As far as I can tell, I've not had the same problem more than once, but there are a lot of failure modes and all it takes is one.... I'm going back to other methods of storage/dispensing. On the bright side, I've not had any problems with the BrewFlo unit itself: it keeps beer cold, correctly senses remaining beer level, and has no air compressor leaks. I had one keg early on that decided to empty itself gradually into the keg chamber of the BrewFlo. I poured that out, cleaned as best as I could and sanitized with H2O2. Didn't notice any operational problems with subsequent kegs. Anyways, I'm hoping someone out there is interested in tackling the BrewFlo and maybe is a bit luckier or more skilled with the keg hardware assembly. On offer: 1 BrewFlo unit (US/Canada) including tap handle and drip tray 2 Complete (opened but never unpacked) Kegging Packs (these are the new style with spears and matching liners) You will pay for packing costs and actual shipping charges. I think that's going to be around $50-60 but not 100% sure until I get it boxed up at the UPS Store. (I no longer have original packaging.) Any takers?
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