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  1. I have so far had 8 kegs out of the BeerFlo with the only problem being the Irish Red, both all head. Seems like a consistent problem with the Red, just had another brew print delivered for the Red so will give it another go.
  2. Thanks Big Pop, I re-seated the black poppet, but not the orange one. Will try that tomorrow.
  3. so, I have this issue where one of my Irish Red kegs looked like it was going to explode. It hasn't deformed the keg like I've seen elsewhere as it fits into the Flo. The problem is the Flo keeps E3 erroring as it's trying to gas it up to the right pressure, not surprisingly I assume there's no room. Initially I could get beer out, must be close to 2 litres, but the beer has stopped flowing. It still looks like the keg could explode i.e. the liner is still plastered to the inside of the keg as if it's still full. There is no excess air from the black valve and obviously bugger all from the orange. Anyone have any idea how I can retrieve the situation as I want my keg back? Now, I'm fully assuming I've done something wrong, just not sure what and just keen to move on to the next keg pronto! On a side note, what I've managed to extract has been stunning.? Paddy
  4. Paddy

    Four Leaf

    I'm 3 days into this in the droid, will be very happy if it comes out like that.
  5. I'm on my 8th brew since September/October and have had no issues with droid or tap. I've only removed the tap once, after about the 2nd brew, and am reluctant to do so in case of damage. I only use the issued sanitiser with an external wipe down. I hope the gear holds up as I've ramped up production. I'm no expert but to me the beer has been very good. Onto my 2nd keg with the BeerFlow (I seem to get a much better head than the bottles) for which I'm developing feelings beyond mere tenderness! Paddy
  6. I've always struggled a bit with overly hoppy beer, but I've noticed over the years I am becoming more used to it. http://www.slate.com/articles/life/drink/2013/05/hoppy_beer_is_awful_or_at_least_its_bitterness_is_ruining_craft_beer_s_reputation.html?wpsrc=fol_fb Paddy
  7. i thought I would do a label for my first brew. Found an online printer that had a built in design app so whipped one up.
  8. Paddy


    wow, that looks perfect! My Droid is taking care of the Original Pilsner and up next is the Irish Red which I was already looking forward to, looks like it's going to be an absolute ripper... Paddy
  9. Keg Caddy here we come...
  10. Paddy

    Brewflo usage

    good to know, thanks.
  11. Paddy

    Brewflo usage

    thanks Duffman, can you clean & reuse a beer line or always new?
  12. Hi folks Whilst I've been waiting for my BrewFlo to arrive I've been wondering about how I will actually use it. Do people put a keg in and leave it on until it's finished, even if it might be a week or two? Do you swap unfinished kegs in and out, and if so, do you use a new beer line or clean it each time? I also noted a 10hr chilling time, think I need to think about some sort of bar fridge. I've watched the videos, any other tips most welcome. Paddy
  13. Damn, I started the Weissbier brew yesterday and just ordered the BrewFlo - it was going to be my first kegging! ??
  14. I had the same with my Abbey Dubbel, made quite a sticky mess. I was a bit worried at the time too, but it drank pretty well in the end. I do wonder if it should have been better though, will have to give it another shot at some point.
  15. that's a good question, I don't remember - went to the app as I assumed that info would be recorded, but couldn't find it?
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