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  1. Hey mate, All going well, thanks heaps for the ikegger carbonation link, perfect. Got a soda stream adapted coming, and finally got my 6kg refilled, which I had previously been using with fish tank. Will be installing gas and a couple of flow control taps in the fridge this week. American pale ale had some initial carbonation issues but I think I am close to where I need to be at. Still tastes quite "home brewish" which I assume is what people call "green". Tasting every couple of days. 2nd brew which is Cooper's pale ale will be kegged tonight. Initial taste quite plain. I will try and let this one condition a little longer than the first brew.
  2. Hey Guys, American Pale Ale brew complete. I added hops directly to droid so i could test with my 2L keg. Cold crashed Droid for 30 hours and then poured a taste test. A bit cloudy and a bit of sediment but tasted real good. I have just filled a two litre keg and attempted to force carbonate using mini regulator and bulb gas connected to gas connect and rolling keg for 30 secs at 30psi. Issue I had was mini regulator was maxed out at 30 psi not liking it, and eventually leaking co2 out of bulb connection essentially freezing bulb. I cannot hear the keg bubbling as if it was carbonating? I have put in fridge to settle and will connect at serving pressure in an hour. As I only have the one regulator currently I plan to leave the remaining 8L of beer in the droid and keg and slowly carbonate at lower pressure once the 2L is finished. I am curious as to whether I should try "roll" carbonating again due to not hearing bubbling. I am also curious as to whether I should be kegging into 8L or leave in the droid? Will beer "condition" in the fridge or should it be at room temp? Appreciate all the advice guys, Percy
  3. Very interested in this, one of my favourites! Keep us posted. Also interested in "custom" brews.
  4. You sir are a legend! Info provided is absolute gold. So new plan. - Droid in keg mode - add hops to keg, screw on ball lock - add beer to keg using tube and disconnect - purge oxygen from keg with CO2 - leave for 24 hours - put keg in fridge for unknown period of time to get to 3 degrees - force carbonation using shake method, put in fridge for an hour, connect CO2 at serving pressure, about 8psi I assume? Wait patiently for another 24 hours - drink If you recommend doing anything different, let me know, otherwise I will post back with my results. Thanks again, really appreciated.
  5. Thanks heaps Mark, greatly appreciated. I have the ikegger style mini keg with ball lock screw type. I have liquid hops provided with print . I was hoping not to lift the lid to add hops, and was worried about temp once beer transferred to keg, as I assume it needs to sit at around the 18degree range for a couple of days, before dropping to around 3degree range for carbonation? I think it may be easier to risk contamination and to add hops to droid, to keep temp levels controlled by droid? I have been doing some reading on force carbonation, including shaking keg, higher psi etc, to get drinking faster, so any advice would be fantastic. I have 10litre, 8litre, and 2litre kegs, so if I do hop directly to droid I could try shaking with the 2litre? First attempt brewing with the droid, did some plastic wort brewing about ten years ago, and have got the brewing bug again.
  6. Hi Guys, Doing my first brew (American Pale) which I will be transferring to a 10 litre mini keg and using co2 for carbonation. I was hoping for some advice from anyone who may have a similar setup, on when and where to add the hops, ie direct to droid or keg, how long to rest, force carbonation tips etc. Thanks in advance, Percy
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