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  1. My local brewery does a Simcoe IPA which is delicious.
  2. I use the stainless hop bombs and swear by them. Remember to sanitize well prior. Remove the droid lid carefully and ease the bomb into wort. The key is not to disrupt the c02 in the droid, avoiding oxygen. I cold crash regularly by moving droid into storage mode (4 degrees) for 48 hours prior to bottling and kegging, at end of fermentation. If using BrewPrints, clarity is very good without cold crashing.
  3. Will do! Got a grain and grape pale ale FWK waiting to go next, and both hops in the fridge. I am looking forward to tasting a keg of AIB PaleAle with 20gm galaxy dry hop at a mates place this weekend. TBH I will probably make sure it is OK prior!
  4. Direct to bottle here. just tilt the bottle and pull the tap half way. A little tip if using the PET bottles. Fill to about 1.5cm from top, then squeeze the bottle untill liquid at very top and put lid on. This will remove any oxygen in the bottle, and the secondary fermentation will produce carbon dioxide that will pressurize and expand the bottle back to normal.
  5. Hey There Mark, Brewing has been going well. I ran out of brewprint ingredients and tried a Fresh Wort Kit and have been using them ever since. Have had some really good results. I have been using the kits from All Inn Brewing, splitting the kit between the two droids and using differnet hops and quantities to perfect to my taste buds. I did have one infected batch, which was disappointing. I put it down to bad yeast (Angel CS31 free with the kit), it is the only time I have used this type of yeast (have used CN36 with no issues), and was common across the split batches. I take notes, and am anal with cleaning and sanitising, so hoping it was the yeast and nothing I have done wrong. Ten years ago when I brewed using tins, I had one bad batch and did not brew again! I think having the keg setup made it a little easier, not having to dump and clean a bunch of bottles! Still devastating! i finally re-tapped my Abbey Dubbell after months of conditioning. Very boozy, can feel it after one glass. Very drinkable now, but not for me, and I struggle to condition long enough at the best of times, so will not do again. Tapped and bottled a Bombshell Blonde, very light in flavour, not beery enough for me. Keeping the bottles for goto when run out of everything else. FYI, below are some of FWK's I have done: Citra XPA dry hop 25gm Citra - Very nice, strong on the hops, conditioning required to mellow the flavours Citra XPA no dry hop - Delicious, can drink with minimal conditioning Mosaic XPA Dry hop 25gm Mosaic - Very nice, conditioning required to mellow the flavours Mosaic XPA Dry hop 20gm Mosaic - Very nice, hops just right Aus Pale Ale Dry Hop 25gm Vic Secret - infected Aus Pale Ale Dry Hop 25gm Simcoe - infected American IPA Dry Hop 24gm Citra and 25gm Centennial - Smelt and tasted amazing out of the fermenter, bottled and kegged, currently conditioning Citra XPA Dry Hop 20gm - conditioning Citra XPA no dry hop - conditioning Currently have another Aus Pale Ale in both droids (using Saf US-05), to be dry hopped with either Galaxy, Simcoe, Vic Secret, or Cascade. I also have a Pale Lager kit there ready to go, but holding off due to longer lager ferment and conditioning, as consumption is exceeding production at this time. Cheers, Percy
  6. Hey Crew, Just thought I would post and advise I have just cracked my Spoke Amber Ale keg after 6 weeks conditioning and more than pleasantly surprised. Not usually my preferred style, but loving it. Will be on my next order of ingredients for sure.
  7. Hey There Mark, Just polished off my keg of Stone and wood clone. Not sure how much it tasted like the original, but was tasty. I used two H6, so I think the Galaxy will be whats missing here. Interestingly, my two home brew stores are both out of Galaxy. I have some Vic Secret, Mosiac, and Amarillo on order. Regarding the hops addition, I have read that leaving them submerged for to long can produce some grassy flavours. 5 days in the droid and then transferring to the keg seems like a long time. Will look forward to how it turns out.
  8. How good is dry hopping!! I think I have found a ripper here. Tasting early with very powerful hop taste but "wow" so good. I assume the hops will calm down a little after time and this one is going to be something special!
  9. Thanks guys, moved to keg mode, added hop satchel.
  10. Hey Guys, Been on holidays and my bombshell blonde has gone into "storage mode", and I never added the H5 hops included. Should I just add and keg after a couple of days, or should I move into "keg mode" before adding? Cheers, Percy
  11. Hey Guys, You might think I am crazy, but gonna give this a crack. I have a Coopers Sparkling Ale brewprint on the go and I am going to dry hop with 20g of Citra via hop bomb directly to the droid for 2 days at EOF. I notice the cans from the store have Pride of Ringwood on the labels, but I doubt I will get to a home brew store. I have the Citra on hand, and keen to experiment with dry hopping. I generally cold crash for 24 - 48 hours before kegging to 10l kegs. Unsure if I remove hop bomb prior to cold crash (risk infection), skip the cold crash, or leave in droid whilst crashing (risk over hopping). Thoughts? Percy
  12. Hey Mate, Have had both droids working but unfortunately production has currently exceeded storage and consumption! I have all my 5 mini kegs currently conditioning. I have been very disciplined and have not drank early, to get best results. I plan to get another three kegs in the not to distant future, to get a good rotation happening, but would like to get some consumption happening before spending more $$. Just completed a Bohemian Lager and Amber Ale which both tasted great out of the droid.
  13. No idea what yeast! Never used anything else than brew print yeast. Any recommendation? I was actually thinking of getting the Citra pale fresh wort kit. Was thinking of dry hopping one of the droids as I have some Citra in the fridge, and comparing, with extra Citra dry hop and without. What do you reckon? Not overdoing the Citra hops?
  14. Hey Mark, unfortunately new droid was faulty, replacement should arrive next week. Recently kegged the Tall Tale Ale, but I did not dry hop as I planning. Trying to iron out some techniques and did not want to stray from the recipe to be sure on results. Essentially wanting to be rid of the "homebrew taste" I seem to have on most of my brews. I am pretty sure its me just not leaving them to condition long enough in the kegs, and will give this one the time it deserves. I have been bottling a couple from most brews and with tasting after about 6-8 weeks they do not exhibit the "taste". Currently got the Stone and Wood Pacific Ale custom recipe brewing, looking forward to this one. Big fan of the original and also been loving the Wild Yak and 4 Pines Pacific ales recently, so wanting to do something similar. Would like to dry hop with some Galaxy but my local home brew store all out, so will just use a couple of H6. To continue the testing, thinking of splitting a fresh wort kit between the droids when number 2 arrives. Have you done any of these? My home brew store of choice has kits from https://allinnbrewingco.com/fresh-wort-kits/ which look promising.
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