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  1. Just cracked open my first bottle after 4 weeks secondary and it's really nice. I ended up adding 4x the amount of spices and added 4 grams of pumpkin pie spice because I wanted heavier spice notes based on my love of Southern Tier's Pumking. I'd definitely brew again, perhaps adding an X5 for added alcohol content.
  2. Thanks, but I’m in the US. My limitation is more about storage space living in the city!
  3. I’ve got a wicked pumpkin finishing up fermenting, and I’m trying to decide which to make next, this IPA or a clone that Liam helped me create for a coconut porter. Unfortunately I only have two sets of bottles and I can’t drink as quickly as I’d like to brew!
  4. That’s a good tip regarding adding it at the start. Most clone recipes for a variety of beers call for a little less than a half kilo for a 19 liter batch, so I was considering halving that.
  5. Has anyone attempted to customize an IPA brewprint to make a milkshake IPA? I'm considering trying to halve my Pineapple Crush IPA - 5L without lactose, 5L with lactose, assuming I should add the lactose with the hops after EOF. Any advise?
  6. Anyone know if this will come back for fall 2019? I am a new BeerDroid owner and would love to try my hand at a pumpkin ale!
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